93 Blogging Statistics and Facts for (Updated for 2024)

Blogging Statistics and Facts

Blogging is changing fast in 2024. New technology and how people read blogs are different now. This post will show you the latest statistics and numbers about blogging. We’ll talk about where blog visitors come from, who they are, what kinds of posts work best, and how bloggers make money. Whether you’re a blogging expert … Read more

How Social Media Marketing Stabilize Your Google Ranking

social media marketing

If you are not on Google, you can never be found elsewhere. Today, to bring back the bacon while being in the competitive world of digital marketing, you need to understand the broad significance of Google and the role it plays in generating revenues for all brands and businesses.

Every second company is in a fierce competition to get on the top of the ladder. Surpassing others and gaining more traffic is the goal of today’s marketer.

How to Create User-Centric Interfaces for Diverse Audiences

User-Centric Interfaces

Making interfaces that focus on users is really important for connecting with lots of different people. When you know what users need, like, and can do, you can make interfaces that are easy to use, make sense, and are interesting. Your content and services should serve to users from all backgrounds. So, how do you … Read more

7 WordPress Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

WordPress Website Design Mistakes

Designing a WordPress website is great – as you’re want to show your brand or ideas to the world. But… Over excitement of website designing can be risky. Here’s is what I mean: According to G2, 64.2% of new WordPress users make common mistakes when designing a WordPress website including picking wrong theme, avoiding security, … Read more

8 Common WordPress Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

WordPress Mistakes

WordPress is most popular content management systems that offers many features and benefits that make it an ideal choice for building and managing a website. In fact, 43.3% of website around the world is built on WordPress. (Source:W3Techs) But just like any other technology, it requires regular maintenance to ensure smooth functioning. Unfortunately, many website … Read more

Instanavigation: Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer And Downloader

Instanavigation - Anonymous Instagram Stories Viewer

Instagram is a popular social media platform, has evolved beyond just sharing photos and videos. One of the exciting features that people are using around the world is sharing stories. The challenge is… to view IG stories one must have an Instagram account. But, worry not we’ve got a solution – Instanavigation. Which allows users … Read more