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TweetHunter is a twitter growth tool that provides advanced automation features for your Twitter profile growth. Moreover, features like automated DM and Auto plug would let you monetize your Twitter account.

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This is an unbiased TweetHunter App review.

In this review, I’ll break down every aspect of Tweet Hunter io, including:

  • TweetHunter features
  • How much does TweetHunter cost?
  • What the tool does
  • TweetHunter Alternatives
  • And a lot more

This TweetHunter review will help you make the right decision whether you should buy it or not.

Let’s start right away.

Table of Contents

What is TweetHunter?

TweetHunter is a Twitter growth automation tool which helps you automate your tweets, grow your network and make money from Twitter. The automation app follows Twitter’s best practices and gets you more sales, subscribers and clients.

It also offers an AI writing software that writes engaging tweets for you in a matter of seconds.

Best for – TweetHunter is ideal for social media influencers, affiliate marketers, content marketers, and brands which have presence on Twitter.

TweetHunter Features

Here are some of the top Tweet hunter features that will help you grow on Twitter and save you money:

AI-generated tweets


Artificial intelligence is getting better and better. If you’re not taking advantage of it, you’ll get behind the competitors who have already started using it.

Tweet hunter AI writing tool writes personalized tweets, re-write tweets, and get relevant tweets and threads for you.

Moreover, the TweetPredicts will show you how your tweet will perform before you tweet it.

Scheduling and automation


You need to focus on important tasks, and let Tweet hunter take care of the rest.

TweetHunter scheduling and automation feature analyzes your account and finds tweets that interest you. However, you can always find the viral tweets among 2 millions tweets and AI will do the rest.

If you’re not happy with the tweet, you can change it or use the AI to rephrase it. Within 30 mins you can schedule tweets for a month.

Make money with auto-plug feature

Tweethunter Auto-Plug Feature

TweetHunter auto plug feature gets you most of your tweets. It offer customization features like:

  • Send Auto-plug once your tweet gets a certain number of likes and retweets.
  • Auto-plug templates saves you time

Using the Auto-plug feature you can sell your products, generate new leads and more.


Similarly, you can send the automated DM to users who liked and retweeted your tweets. You don’t even have to lift a finger, TweetHunter AI automates the entire process for you.

Generate more sales with Tweet Hunter CRM


With this feature you’ll be able to connect and build a relationship with your target audience, leads, and influencers. With Tweet hunter’s engage feature, you can create a list of users based on their activity and interests and engage them directly from the Tweet Hunter dashboard.

Here is how it works:

Use Tweet hunter AI to find the competitors latest tweets or one which you think your target audience would like to engage with.

Next, import all the accounts who liked or retweets to the Tweet Hunter.

Lastly, reach out and engage with them to build a relationship and close sales.

Manage multiple Twitter accounts

You can manage multiple Twitter profiles with a single Tweet hunter subscription. However, Tweet hunter costs $18/month which might be costly for you when you’re a beginner.

But if you’re managing multiple accounts and then the average cost would be cheaper, even if you’re a newbie.

Tweet hunter offers 7 days free trial, therefore, you’ll have enough time to understand its functionality and decide whether you should upgrade your account or not.

Tweet schedule feature

Similar to other twitter follower tracker tools, Tweet hunter also offer scheduling feature, where you can do:

  1. Schedule tweets
  2. Find the best time to tweet when your target audience are more active
  3. Viral tweets

Auto retweet and auto delete of RTs

Tweet hunter saves you a lot of time with its auto retweet feature. Using it you can retweet your existing tweet up to 3 times. You don’t need to write the same tweet again.


This feature will help you target followers from different time-zone. Additionally, Tweethunter will auto-remove these retweets.

To activate this feature move to Queue->Automation and on the Delete retweets feature.

delete retweets automatically 1

Twitter threads

Twitter threads is one of the Twitter features that can increase account engagement if used the right way. With Tweethunter tweet thread feature you can do:

  • Create thread and schedule it in advance
  • Find the viral ideas for threads
  • Get best content ideas from thread using specific keywords

Find engaging content to tweet


TweetHunter finds you engaging content based on your interest. It auto sends most talked tweets in different niches, so, you can take inspiration to generate your next tweet.

Make sure you create your own tweets rather than copying someone else’s tweets. Original content will increase credibility and value among your followers.

Powerful analytics to take right decision

TweetHunter analytics shows you key metrics that help you make the right strategy. The dashboard will show metrics like which tweets get more like, retweets and engagement, so you can replicate the same again.

Moreover, you can see your Twitter follower growth on a daily basis, and make the right decisions when your followers count goes down.

In short, you can find detailed tweet analytics like who liked your tweets, visited your profile, replied and more.

More TweetHunter features

There are a few more features of Tweet hunter that will help you take your Twitter account to a next level. Additionally, they offers some free tools that you can use today, these are:

  • Free dynamic banner
  • AI tweet generator
  • Best time to tweet
  • Unretweet
  • And, Twitter streak
Tweet-Hunter-Free Tool

To use the free Tweet hunter tool, you don’t need to activate the subscription. Simply go to the website and click on the free tool that you want to use and start using it.

TweetHunter Pricing and Plans

Tweet-Hunter Pricing

Tweet Hunter offers a 7 days FREE trial on all premium plans.

The best part?

You can even continue using the selected plan for 30 more days after the free trial ends. If you’re not happy you can ask for refunds.

Tweet Hunter pricing plans are:

  • Discover – Starts at $18/mo.
  • Grow – Also start at $18/mo. Along with all Discover features it has an AI writer.
  • Enterprise – Start at $100/mo. In this plan you can train AI to perform as per your need.

How does TweetHunter work?

TweetHunter is a Twitter growth app that helps users to make money from Twitter by increasing their network and sending the right tweets at the right time. It curates high-performing content, monetizes and attracts opportunities.

It also provides other tools that help you grow your twitter profile fast.

Is TweetHunter free?

Tweet hunter offers 7 days free trial on all premium plans along with a 30 day refund policy. In other words, you can use Tweet hunter io for 37 days and can ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied.

Premium plans of Tweet Hunter provide features like AI-writing, automated tweets, and more.

How much does TweetHunter cost?

Tweet Hunter plans start at $18/month in which you get features like tweet schedule, delete retweets and more. There are other plans available in which you get more tools to use.

TweetHunter Alternatives

There are only a few Twitter following apps which do provide similar features as Tweet Hunter does. The close alternatives to Tweet Hunter are Hypefury and Circleboom.

Here are some of the Hypefury features:

  • Get new content ideas
  • Autoplugs to gets more customers
  • Auto-comment on newsletter, blog posts and tweets
  • Automatic retweets
  • Schedule your tweets to post on Instagram
  • Schedule your Instagram posts
  • Run automated sales on Twitter
  • Auto DM’s
  • Turn blog posts into multiple tweets
  • Twitter thread scheduling tool

Now let’s what Circleboom have for you:

  • Twitter followers insights
  • Followers tracking
  • Advanced Twitter and delete tweet service
  • Auto delete likes, tweets and retweets
  • Auto posting on Twitter
  • Schedule tweets in bulk
  • Schedule thread to be posted on Twitter
  • Twitter thread maker
  • Discover and curate engaging content for your tweets

You can check out this in-depth Circleboom review to learn more about it.

Currently, I believe only Hpyefury and Circleboom deserve to be the best alternatives to Tweet Hunter. Both Twitter growth tools have some unique features that can help you grow your Twitter account.

Tweet Hunter Review 2023 - Final Verdict

Finally, I’ve come to the conclusion to my review of Twitter hunter.

After using the Tweet Hunter for a while, I can say this is the best growth tool for Twitter. It offers automation and customization that will help you grow your Twitter profile as well as make money with it.

However, you’ll need to see if it is following Twitter’s terms and conditions.

Before upgrading your account you can check out their 7 days FREE trial first.

Short summary: Tweet hunter is one of the best Twitter growth tools, if you want to grow your Twitter profile and earn money with it.

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