9 Books Every Serious Entrepreneur Must Read in 2019

9 Books Every Serious Entrepreneur Must Read in 2017

Everyone makes a new year resolution on 31st December every year.

I am wondering if you have decided your new year resolutions or still looking for the right one?

To help you with it I have something for you that helped me, and I am damn sure it will help you, too.

Following are the possible new year resolutions you might want to adopt this year:

You want to make six pack abs

You want to start your own business

You want to start blogging and make real income with that

You want to make everyone happy

You want to get good marks in exam

You want to quit smoking or drinking

Did you get the right one for you or you have something others?

Yes, Isn’t it the same that you wanted to do the last year but couldn’t do because…

You don’t have the right answer, do you?

How did I know? Because I’ve gone through with this.

How to Deal With Copycat Competitors? Who Are Copying Your Strategies

copycat competitor

No matter what businesses you’re in, you have to deal with copycat competitors. You can’t escape.

Competitors who steal your strategies, your moves, your plans and sometimes even your name and logo, too.

Should you worry about it?

Of course, you should.

It happens more often than we think in this online world where stealing and copying others ideas are much easier than offline.

Content Marketing Expansion Through the Years: What’s in It for You

content marketing

Content marketing is a term you have certainly heard of while scrolling through numerous advertising and tech-related blogs. It seems as if a business’ success depends almost exclusively on content, but how exactly did that come into play?

Let’s look at the presumed origins of the content marketing and how your brand can make the most of it.