How Social Media Can Be a Team Building Tool Too

social media team building

Social media has the mystifying reputation of making people more social and less social. It’s a fair dichotomy. Yet, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how social media is used.

When used correctly, it will enhance social skills. When used incorrectly, it will hinder social skills. Social media can be a team building tool too, but only when used properly.

Here are some ways to use social media as a team building tool.

How the Right Website Design Can Boost the Value of Your Online Business

website design

As an online entrepreneur, your website is probably your biggest asset. That said, many digital business owners do not realize the impact great website design can have on their success and the value of the business.

They think they have a functioning website so they’re good to go.

Compare your site design to a brick and mortar shop. Suppose you walk into a store that is a complete mess.

Tips For Getting Your Online Store Off The Ground

The Internet has created a tremendous number of opportunities for eager entrepreneurs with little money to spend. As it stands now, people who are interested in creating online businesses can get their operations going with little to no money down.

This is especially true in the retail industry, given that consumers can work with wholesale and drop-shipping companies to gain access to massive inventories at very nominal, upfront costs. Following are several, simple tips for making these exciting and potentially lucrative endeavors successful.