8 Best Twitter Tools to Unfollow Non-followers [2024]

The best Twitter unfollow tools most Twitter users are using are Circleboom and Audiense Connect.

You want to mass unfollow Twitter followers who don’t follow you back in 2024 without hassle.

But first…

You might want to find out who unfollowed me on Twitter.

You have TWO options:

  • First, manually search and remove Twitter followers (but it’s time consuming)
  • Second, use third-party tools to bulk remove non followers.

I’ve a GOOD News for you.

I’ve compiled a list of the best free mass Twitter unfollow tools that you can use to unfollow who don’t follow back.

The best part?

All these Twitter unfollow apps work GREAT in 2024.

Let’s get started…

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools To Unfollow Non-Followers

Here are my top picks for the best Twitter unfollow app and tools for 2024.

Twitter ToolFree TrialPricingDiscount Link
CircleboomYes$27.99/monthTry Circleboom Free
Audiense ConnectYes$39/monthTry Audiense Connect
SocialBeeYes$24/monthTry SocialBee
CrowdFireYes$7.48/monthTry CrowdFire
TeewpiYes$10.75/monthTry Teewpi
Easy UnFollowYesFREETry Unfollower Stats
SocialDogYesFREETry Unfollowspy
iUnfollowYesFREETry iUnfollow

Circleboom is the best Twitter management tool that gives you smart insights about your Twitter followers and unfollowers and suggests you who to follow and who to unfollow.

It shows “who are not following you back,” fake profiles, spammers, and inactive accounts you might want to unfollow.

You can even delete old tweets, retweets, likes, and Twitter archives in a few clicks.

circleboom dashboard

Additionally, the Smart search feature shines especially when you use it on Follow module.

circleboom unfollow

Circleboom easily manages your Twitter Lists. If you’ve dealt with the Twitter Lists on Twitter, you may understand me, after a while it becomes a real pain and time consuming.

You can make this chore fun by using the “select all” and “Create a new Twitter list or add to the existing one” feature on Twitter.

You can add 100s of accounts to your Twitter Lists without following them! I like that!

Additionally, Circleboom lets you connect your RSS Feed to your Twitter account. Once you add your feed, Circleboom will drive traffic to your webpage via your Twitter account(s) automatically.


Key Features

Here’s the list of top key features of Circleboom:

  • Smart Unfollow: Easily unfollow inactive, fake, and spam accounts.  
  • Twitter Analytics: Get valuable insights into your Twitter performance. Track follower growth, engagement, and more.
  • Tweet Scheduling: Plan and schedule tweets for optimal engagement. Maintain a consistent posting schedule effortlessly.
  • Keyword Tracking: Monitor specific keywords and hashtags in real-time. Stay updated on trends and conversations.
  • User-friendly Dashboard: Intuitive interface for seamless navigation. Manage multiple accounts and tasks efficiently.
  • Hashtag/Keyword Campaigns:  Launch targeted campaigns based on hashtags and keywords. Enhance visibility and engagement with relevant audiences.
  • Content Curation: Discover and share compelling content from your niche. Keep your audience engaged with curated posts.
  • Unlike My Likes: You can unlike Twitter likes in bulk or one by one.

Circleboom offers a comprehensive range of features designed to enhance your Twitter management experience.


You can get started with Circleboom for free and upgrade to a premium plan for more advanced features.

Here’s a breakdown of its premium plans.

  • Limited Plan – Starts at $27.99/mo (basically for tweets/like deletion)
  • Pro – Start at $35.99/mo for one account and let you delete tweets in bulk along with other premium features.
  • Plus – Starts at $45.99/mo for up to two profiles. It supports account size of 100k followers and other premium features.
  • Premium – Starts at $55.99/mo. Efficiently works up to 1M Followers.

Moreover, you will get SIX Months FREE if you are billed annually. And want to get 15% discount? Use coupon code – CURIOUSBLOGGER15.

And guess what?

Circleboom isn’t just a one-time wonder. They’re dedicated to keeping their free-tier forever.

Overall, based on features, and ease of use, Circleboom is one of my top picks in the list of best twitter unfollow apps.

Want to learn more about Circleboom? Go ahead and check out my super-detailed Circleboom Review

Audiense Connect is a Twitter marketing platform that helps you make a solid Twitter strategy.

With Audiense Connect, you’ll be able to create your custom Twitter chatbot to interact with your clients and followers using direct messages automatically.

You can quickly unfollow inactive Twitter followers, spam accounts, track followers, and more.


In fact, within a few clicks, you can view a list of people who don’t follow you back on Twitter. You can unfollow them one by one or unfollow everyone with a single click.

Additionally, it will let you know the best time to tweet, therefore, you can send out your tweet when your potential clients are online.

The Twitter unfollow app will let you unfollow all inactive accounts which aren’t been active for a long time.

Audiense Inactive Accounts

Best For – It works best for individuals, small businesses, and agencies who want to run a smart Twitter marketing campaign effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Right time to tweet – Know the right time to tweet when your audience is online.
  • Browse your community – Get a deeper analysis of the audience and their activity to tailor your marketing strategy.
  • Unfollow inactive Twitter users – Use smart filters to find out noisy, spammer, and inactive accounts to unfollow them all. And, discover new followers and follow them back if they interest you.
  • Competitor analysis – Compare competitors’ Twitter account to know their strategies to replicate them.
  • Community insights – Get a better understanding of your community by looking at the data like time zone, language, and monitoring their activities, etc.
  • Rule builder – Create an automatic rule to send a message to users which matters to you most.
  • Tweet analytics – Use comprehensive Twitter analytics to understand your audiences’ behavior to shift your strategy according to that.
  • Affinity report – Get a visual way to understand your customer’s interests to make more informed content to engage them.
  • Advanced audience manager – Use filters to quickly find the best Twitter audience based on their interest and social activities to increase your organic reach and Twitter Ads performance.
  • Advanced monitoring – See global coverage of real-time and historical Twitter content.
  • Twitter tailored audiences – Create your own high-performing custom audiences to get most of your Twitter Ads.

Plans & Pricing

Audience Connect provides you with a free plan with limited features, to use its advanced features you will have to upgrade:

Here is a breakdown of their plans:

  • Free – Limited version of twitter marketing and audience insights.

  • Twitter Marketing – Plans starts at £39 /month and $384/yearly. With this plan, you get advanced community analytics, tweet analytics, advanced audience manager, and more.

Overall, it is the best unfollow app for Twitter that you can use to unfollow everyone on Twitter at once.

SocialBee is a complete social media management tool that allows you to share your content on all major social media platforms from a single dashboard.

While Circleboom and Audiense focus on Twitter, SocialBee has cool features for all important social networks.

SocialBee increases your presence on multiple social networks by automating your social media posting.

It also shows you who doesn’t follow you back on Twitter and automatically mass unfollow them.

SocialBee Audience

How to use SocicalBee to unfollow non-followers on Twitter?

After connecting your Twitter profile head over to the Audience tab there you will see all accounts that are not following you back on Twitter.

You can also whitelist accounts with whom you want to connect with later.

Using filters you can find profiles who unfollowed you on Twitter or inactive for a long time. You can apply multiple filters to refine your list.

SocialBee filters

Best for – SocialBee is a great social media tool when you want to save your time in content posting on popular social networks.

Key features:

  • Competitor audience – Find businesses that are following your competitors but not you. Engage with them to follow you.
  • Find users with keywords – Find an audience that matters to you by searching specific keywords.
  • Upload followers – Upload a list of followers if you have one.
  • Blacklist – Block users you never want to see again in your profile.
  • Category based scheduling – Schedule your post based on categories to provide the best content to your users.
  • Analytics & performance reports – Get a better understanding of your audience with custom analytics reports.

Here is a closer look at the SocialBee plans, pricing, and features:

Bootstrap – $24/month

  • Up to 1 workspace
  • Up to 1 user per workspace
  • Support 5 social profiles
  • Post recycling
  • Up to 1000 posts per category
  • Up to 10 content categories
  • Twitter Audience tools (including unfollow)

Accelerate – $40/month

  • Up to 10 social profiles
  • Up to 50 content categories
  • 5000 posts per category
  • Post recycling
  • Twitter Audience tools (including unfollow)

Pro – $82/ month

  • Up to 5 workspaces
  • Up to 3 users per workspace
  • Up to 25 social profiles
  • Unlimited content categories
  • 5000 posts per category
  • Post recycling
  • All Audience tools (including Twitter unfollow)

If you want to add more social profiles you can check out their agency plans.

SocialBee offers 14 days FREE trial to explore its features, so there is no harm to try it. They also provide 30 days money-back guarantee.

CrowdFire, formerly known as “JustUnfollow,” is a popular free automatic unfollow Twitter app to unfollow non-followers on Twitter.

You can see who is following you back and who aren’t from the CrowdFire dashboard.

It is the best Twitter app to manage your Twitter profile and lets you remove Twitter followers in bulk for free.

CrowdFire provides you a daily limit of unfollowing 50 followers with a free account.

However, you are free to upgrade your account to premium any time to avail its other amazing features.

Key Features:

  • Scheduling & Publishing – You can save your time by scheduling posts.
  • Content Curation – Save your time to create new content for social media instead use curate content.
  • Mentions – Track mentions for your Facebook and Twitter accounts and send replies to all in creative images and GIFs.
  • Advanced Analytics – Get a better understanding of your audiences’ behavior, interest, and more with advanced analytics.
  • Add-free Experience – The best Twitter unfollow app lets you explore the best content without bombing annoying ads on you.

In short, it has everything you need under a roof.

Plan & Pricing

CrowdFire provides you a free plan with limited features, but you can upgrade to use its advanced features.

Here is a breakdown of their premium plans:

  • Plus: $7.48/month is best for solo-preneurs and small businesses. With this plan, you get everything you need to run a successful social media campaign.
  • Premium: $37.48/month is perfect for medium size businesses. Along with all Plus features you can add up to 2 competitors for competitor analysis.
  • VIP: $74.98/month is the right choice for agencies and larger businesses. Along with all Premium features you can spy up to 20 social media competitors and get priority support.

Overall, if you want to build your social media presence you should definitely try CrowdFire.



If you are looking for the best free Twitter unfollow app to track or clean up your Twitter account then Tweepi is perfect tool.

The AI Twitter unfollow app works amazing when you want to know who unfollowed me on Twitter. It will find inactive, fake, and irrelevant accounts for you whom you can unfollow in a few clicks.

Tweepi won’t only help you in removing fake accounts but also get Twitter followers fast to grow your brands.


Its artificial intelligence will help you find the best tweets and users to engage. In fact, you can get 100 new Twitter followers every day.



SocialDog is a Twitter follower management tool that help you manage your Twitter followers. With this follow unfollow app you can:

  • See users who have followed you
  • See users who have not followed you or inactive
  • Find a list of users to follow
    And more.

This is a web-based application that allows you manage your followers and unfollowers on Twitter.

Additionally, you can see the people who are not active or most likely to have a spam account. You’ll need to register you account to use this Twitter marketing tool.

The Twitter app shows you live reports of people who unfollowed or followed or vice-versa.

Overall, it’s complete social management tool that offers post engagement, keyword monitor and schedule posts facility along with unfollow feature.

Twitter Unfollow All (Chrome Extension)

Twitter Unfollow All Chrome Extension

Supercharge your Twitter game with the game-changer Twitter mass unfollow tool – the Twitter Unfollow All Chrome extension!

Sick of the endless scrolling to trim your follower list? Say goodbye to the mundane and checkout this bad boy here. Brace yourself for a follower makeover like no other.

Unleash the magic at your fingertips – one click, and voila! Bid adieu to those tiresome follows cluttering your feed. It’s like a sorcerer’s spell that wipes out the unnecessary, leaving you with a streamlined, pristine feed that radiates your true essence.

Think about the hours reclaimed, the tedious manual unfollowing replaced by a swift, sweeping motion. It’s your digital decluttering assistant, your ally in curating your online persona. The revolution is here, and it starts with your Twitter realm.

Ready to conquer your Twitter realm? Don’t miss out on the Twitter Unfollow extension. Your feed’s transformation awaits. Embrace the power!

Tired of feeling lost in a sea of fake and spam followers? Say hello to EasyUnfollow! It is an easy unfollow twitter app in the world of unfollows, making managing your Twitter a breeze.

This isn’t your average mass Twitter unfollow bot. With just a click, those non-follower disappear, creating space for new connections.

Say goodbye to boring manual unfollow tasks! EasyUnfollow is the best unfollow tool Twitter users and you can use to save time.

Ready to give EasyUnfollow Twitter mass unfollow app a try?

Go ahead! Your followers will thank you for the fresh energy you bring. Get ready to shine on that Twitter stage with this awesome unfollow app!

Can You Mass Unfollow on Twitter?

Yup, you can totally do a mass unfollow on Twitter. But here’s the twist – Twitter doesn’t exactly spill the beans on how much unfollowing is too much.

Now, when it comes to following accounts, there are some rules floating around. To keep tabs on your followers count, just give a Twitter follower tracker a whirl.

Keep this in mind:

If you’re the kind who hits that follow-unfollow button like a champ, especially all in one day, you might get a tap on the shoulder from Twitter. So, play it cool and avoid the suspension zone!

How Many People Can You Unfollow on Twitter

On Twitter, the number of people you can unfollow depends on your account’s specific limitations and Twitter’s policies:

  • Account Limits: Twitter may impose daily or hourly limits on unfollowing accounts to prevent spam or misuse.
  • Follower Ratio: Keep in mind Twitter’s follower-to-following ratio limits, which may impact your ability to unfollow accounts.
  • Safety Measures: Twitter continuously monitors account behavior and may restrict unfollowing if it’s deemed suspicious or violates their guidelines.
  • Unfollowing Tools: Utilize third-party apps or Twitter’s built-in features to efficiently manage your following list within the platform’s guidelines.
  • Considerations: Unfollow accounts strategically to maintain a healthy balance and engagement on your Twitter profile while adhering to Twitter policy, rules and regulations.

While there’s flexibility in unfollowing accounts on Twitter, it’s crucial to stay within reasonable limits to avoid account penalties and maintain a positive user experience.

Why Should You Unfollow on Twitter?

Why bother with the Twitter unfollow game, you ask?

Well, if you have a big plan with Twitter, you’ll need to optimize your profile.

  • Connect with the Actives: Remove inactive accounts that don’t follow back. This opens the door for more lively Twitter users.
  • Spam Be Gone: Don’t hesitate to unfollow non-followers who spam your feed with unrelated tweets. It’s an instant call for a mass unfollow.
  • Niche Matters: Unfollow profiles  who doesn’t have to do with your business and focus on those who share your interests. Build bonds with the like-minded.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Don’t blink before unfollowing those who barely tweet. Make room for the ones who actually get things buzzing on your timeline.

Unfollow wisely, and see your Twitter profile grow like never before!

Things to Remember When Following on Twitter

Twitter is now smarter than ever, they can easily smell follow and unfollow games. If they catch you they might suspend your account.

Earlier, brands and people were using this strategy but now they should know Twitter’s technical following limits.

Twitter has updated its technical follow and unfollow limits:

  • You can follow only 400 accounts per day
  • Verified accounts can follow up to 1000 accounts per day
  • You can follow 5,000 accounts. To follow more you will have to wait for some
  • Twitter automatically calculates yours follow ratio based on your unique ratio of followers to following.
  • If we talk about Twitter’s unfollow limit, there is nothing Twitter publishes yet, but it might get banned if you unfollow aggressively.

Any Twitter Unfollow Tools I Missed?

If you are still unsure what is the best Twitter unfollow app?

So these are my favorite free bulk UNFOLLOW Twitter tools to get started.

  1. Circleboom  Best for unfollow fake and spam accounts
  2. Audiense Connect – Best Twitter unfollow tracker
  3. SocialBee – Best tool for managing multiple social networks.
  4. CrowdFire – Best tools to track Twitter unfollowers

And now I’d like to hear from you:

Are there any other Twitter apps you love…but didn’t see on the list?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools - FAQs

There are many twitter unfollow software that works great like:

Utilize free options like Circleboom’s free plan or tools offering free trials to bulk unfollow users without incurring costs.

You should frequently track your followers and unfollowers using mass Twitter follower tracker tools. 

Tools like Circleboom offer features to unfollow accounts automatically based on criteria like inactivity or non-followback.

You can use Twitter unfollower like Circleboom or Audiese Connect to unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back.

Easily unfollow everyone on Twitter with Circleboom’s intuitive tools. Save time and streamline your feed in just a few clicks. Get started today!

You can use various third-party apps and services that provide insights into your Twitter followers, notifying you when someone unfollows you.

Posting controversial or offensive content might lead people to unfollow you. However, focusing on engaging and relevant content is a more positive approach.

While you can unfollow multiple accounts, Twitter imposes limits to prevent excessive unfollowing in a short period.

Utilize tools like Circleboom or similar apps that allow you to easily unfollow multiple accounts in one go.

Yes, unfollowing accounts on Twitter is safe and a common practice. However, avoid aggressive mass unfollowing to prevent any account restrictions.

Yes, there are several Twitter unfollow apps available, such as Circleboom, which offer efficient ways to manage your followers and unfollow non-engaging accounts.

Yes, reputable tools operate within Twitter’s terms and guidelines to ensure compliance.

Yes, some tools analyze your account and suggest users to unfollow based on various criteria.

Research different tools, consider your specific requirements, and read user reviews to find the best fit.

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