7 Best Tweet Deleter Tools to Delete Old Tweets [2023]

These are the best tweet deleter tools to delete all old tweets at once.

Best Twitter Management Tool

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Circleboom is our top recommendation for a mass tweet deleter tool to automatically delete tweets at once. It offers other features like delete retweets, likes, and twitter archives.

Best Twitter Growth Tool

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Tweet Deleter



Zlappo is a twitter growth tool that help you delete multiple tweets at once automatically. It also offers features like auto delete tweets and likes, smart twitter search engine, etc.

Best Free Tweet Deleter

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Tweet Delete



TweetDelete is a safe and easy to use Twitter app that delete tweets in bulk. You can automatically delete tweets by date and year.

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Want to learn how to delete tweets in bulk? You’ve landed at the right place.

Deleting multiple tweets manually is time consuming. It might take you weeks or even a month to delete all of your tweets.

Luckily, there are mass tweet deleter tools available.

Whether you want mass delete tweets now or you’re planning for the future these tools will do it all.

In this post, I will show the top features, pricing and specifications of these twitter eraser tools.

What is The Best Tweet Deleter Tool?

After extensive research, here are list of top 7 best tweet deleter apps to delete old tweets in bulk.

  • Circleboom – The #1 tweet deleter tool to delete old tweets, likes, retweets, and history
  • Zlappo – Best Twitter Growth Tool
  • TweetDeleter – Best tweet eraser tool to delete unwanted tweets.
  • TweetDelete – Best bulk tweet deleter tool to clean up old tweets instantly
  • TwitWipe – Best tool to delete all your twitter message at once
  • TweetEraser – Best mass tweet delete tool to mass delete tweets
  • Twitter Archive Eraser – Best free tweet deleter
  • TwitLan – Best tool to delete multiple tweets
circleboom tweet deleter tool

Whether you want to mass unfollow people who are not following you back on Twitter or delete tweets in bulk. Circleboom is what you need to check out.

Circleboom is the best apps to delete tweets in bulk. It is easy-to-use and safe.

This tool is one of the most effective tools you can use to manage Twitter accounts. Circleboom provides a set of useful tools for managing Twitter accounts.

To save time, you can mass delete your tweets at once, or you can remove them individually. It is a good idea to remove old and unwanted tweets from Twitter before you start using it again. 

With Circleboom’s powerful search feature, you can find any tweets or replies you want to delete.  

Circleboom is one of the best Twitter unfollow tools that help remove people who are not following you back.

This allows you to delete old tweets in bulk, as well as history, likes, and replies.

Best For: It is best for individuals, SMBs and digital agencies who want to unfollow non-followers, delete old tweets and likes, and dig into their analytics to find out exactly what their audience is up to.

Key Features

  • Schedule tweets – You can discover and schedule your tweets to reach your followers at the right time they want.
  • Delete old tweets – You can delete all Twitter messages at once along with likes, retweets, and history.
  • Twitter search tool – Use this to find the relevant hashtags and keywords to find the right person to target.
  • Follower insights – Get insights about fake, spam, and inactive accounts.
  • Growth graphs – Get data about changes in followers and tweeting performance.


You can get started with Circleboom for free and upgrade to a premium plan for more advanced features.

Here’s a breakdown of its premium plans.

  • Pro – $17.99/mo for one account and let you delete tweets in bulk along with other premium features.
  • Multi – $54.99/mo for five accounts. and let you delete tweets in bulk along with other premium features.
  • Business – $95/mo for 10 profiles without limitations.
  • Enterprise – You’ll need to contact the support team. 

Moreover, you will get FOUR months free if you are billed annually. 

Overall, based on features, and ease of use, Circleboom is one of my top picks in the list of best tweet delete apps.

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Tired of managing old tweets on your Twitter?

Zlappo is your ultimate Twitter growth tool! With its innovative tweet delete feature, you can easily clean up your feed in a snap.

From flexible deletion options to smart archiving and customizable filters, Zlappo puts you in control of your tweets. Plus, with affordable pricing plans, it’s a no-brainer for individuals and businesses alike.

Say goodbye to tweet clutter and hello to a well-organized Twitter account with Zlappo!

Try it out now and level up your Twitter game!

Key Features

  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Zlappo’s user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate and delete tweets with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort.
  • Flexible Deletion Options: Delete tweets by date range, keyword, or hashtag, giving you full control over what gets deleted and what stays, tailored to your needs.
  • Smart Tweet Archiving: Archive tweets instead of permanent deletion, preserving your tweet history for future reference without cluttering up your Twitter feed.
  • Customizable Tweet Filters: Fine-tune your tweet deletion process with customizable filters based on retweets, likes, and replies, making it easy to identify tweets to delete.
  • Automatic Scheduled Deletion: Set a specific time or frequency for automatic tweet deletion, ensuring a clutter-free Twitter account without manual efforts.

Elevate your tweet management game with Zlappo’s tweet delete feature – easy, flexible, smart, and customizable!


Zlappo offers three pricing plans:

  • Real G: Starts at $12.49/mo
  • Hustler: Starts at $24.99/mo
  • Tycoon: Starts at 83.33/mo

Zlappo’s tweet delete feature is a powerful tool for managing your tweets and keeping your Twitter account organized. Try Zlappo today and take control of your Twitter feed!



If you are looking for a free tweet deleter app to delete all your tweets in one go then TweetDeleter is worth checking out. With its user-friendly interface, you can delete all tweets before a certain date as well as in bulk.

I love the auto-delete feature, which saves me from having to manually delete tweets every three months. Therefore, your tweet will automatically disappear after three months.

If you wish, you can select tweets to delete in bulk or one by one.

The app also has time-saving features like a rude word filter that will show you all the tweets that contain harsh words. As well as using follow-back, retweet, like, comment and reply filters, you can also find specific retweets or likes.

Furthermore, it has a media filter that removes images, videos, GIFs, and other visual content.

Key Features

  • Auto delete tweets and like – You can set up your account for auto delete tweets and like for a specific day.
  • Smart tweets and likes search – The search tool lets you find specific tweets by keywords, likes, and media by date and time.


TweetDeleter provides you a free plan, which allows you to figure out all its features.

Here’s a breakdown of their premium plans.

  • Standard – $3.99 per month and can delete up to 500 tweets per month
  • Advanced – $4.99 per month and can delete up to 3200 tweets and 1000 likes
  • Unlimited  – $5.99 per month where you get all key features and can delete unlimited tweets and likes.

Overall, if you want to clean all your tweets in bulk, you should give it a try.



TweetDelete is a tweet delete app you need if you want to delete multiple tweets per day.

Speed is what makes it one of the most effective tools for deleting all tweets at once. Unlike its competitors like TweetDeleter, TweetDelete is faster.

It notifies you when the deletion is complete. Furthermore, their support team is available when you need them.

To keep your Twitter account fresh, TweetDelete automatically deletes old tweets after a few days.

If you want to delete certain tweets, select the ‘Age of tweets to delete’ option. Using the filter function, you can find and delete tweets that contain specific words.

Be sure to double-check your tweets before deleting them, since you can’t recover deleted tweets.


TweetDelete is completely free to use but it also has a premium plan that starts with $14.99 for lifetime where you can access its premium features.



Another popular tool for deleting tweets in bulk is TweetWipe.

With TwitWipe, you can automatically delete multiple tweets for free. The tool does not have a tweet selection feature like other tweet cleaner tools.

Furthermore, it takes longer than other rivals to delete multiple tweets and sometimes gets stuck. So if you have lots of tweets to delete, you should check out other tweet deleting tools on this list.

There is no harm in giving it a shot since it’s free.


To delete all tweets you don’t want, you can use this freemium tool. This tool, which combines TweetDeleter and TweetDelete, can auto delete old tweets that you don’t want.

The tool lets you find tweets with specific keywords, and delete them individually or in bulk.

This tool allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Best of all, you won’t be sent any spam messages if you use this bulk Twitter delete tool. Tweets are deleted from the Twitter database after they are deleted.

To take advantage of advanced features, such as syncing multiple accounts, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium plan. If you don’t have a lot of tweets to delete, the free option is sufficient.that


TweetEraser is free to use but it also has premium plans:

  • Standard – Starts with $6.99 per month and can be used in three accounts with premium features.
  • Premium – Starts with $9.99 per month and can be used in unlimited accounts with premium features.

Twitter Archive Eraser

Twitter Archive Eraser Delete Tweets Automatically

It is another effective tweet delete software to mass delete old tweets in a few clicks.

Using the search feature, you can find and see in real-time when a tweet is deleted.

You can only use this tweet eraser after downloading it to your computer. Since Twitter Archive Eraser runs on your computer, there is no risk to your tweet safety.

The Twitter Archive Eraser will load and delete your Twitter archive in no time. You can delete up to 3200 tweets per minute with this app. And take care of thousands of direct messages with ease.


Twitter Archive Eraser has three plans:

  • Basic – Start at $9 for a year. It is best for new accounts with a few thousand tweets.
  • Advanced – Start at $19 for a year. It is best for new accounts with many thousands of tweets.
  • Premium – Start at $39 for a year. It is best to clean up tweets from 12+ years ago.

Twitter Archive Eraser is worth checking out when you want to clear tweets that you no longer need.



This free tweet delete tool lets you delete all of your unwanted tweets from the past. 

It allows you to delete multiple tweets at once using a web-based application. There is also a search and filter feature to find specific tweets for deletion. You can search for tweets based on keywords, dates, and mentions.

Within a few clicks, you can delete your entire Twitter archive. Using this app doesn’t require any special training. Log in with your Twitter account and begin deleting old tweets.

Since, it’s a free tweet deleting app, therefore, there is no risk in trying.


Semiphemeral is a free and easy tweet deleter you can use to mass delete tweets. 

Using this tweet eraser you can automatically delete old tweets, besides the selected one. It provides you complete control over your Twitter account, so you can select and delete tweets by date and year.

Key Features

  • Auto delete old tweets
  • Unretweet tweets by day
  • Unlike tweets by a day
  • Automatically delete old direct messages


  • Semiphemeral is a free tweet deleter app to delete tweets.

What are Tweet Deleter Tools?

TweetDeleter is an application that allows you to mass delete old tweets, likes, retweets, and Twitter archives. Using the search features you can select tweets by keyword, date, and mentions of other users.

If you want to give your Twitter profile a fresh start, you might want to use one of these mass tweet deleter tools.

Is Tweet Delete Safe?

Yes, TweetDelete is safe to use. It is a third-party application that allows you to delete your old tweets, and it uses Twitter’s official API to do so. However, as with any third-party application, there is always some level of risk involved.

Why Should You Delete Old Tweets?

Tweet deleting tools are a great way to clean up the mess that you made in the past and regret now for that.

The best tweet delete tool is one that gives you maximum results with minimum efforts. Here are some of the advantage of using tweet eraser tools:

  • You can delete both current and old tweets by importing them to your Twitter archives.
  • You can delete up to 3200 tweets in one go without selecting one-by-one.
  • You can use search filters to find tweets that have a specific term in them.
  • You can manage multiple accounts by using tweet eraser tools.
  • They don’t send spam messages on your behalf.
  • Tweet delete tools are safe to use, as they don’t save your data on their servers.

How to Delete All Your Tweets (Step-By-Step)

Here is how to delete all tweets in one go from your Twitter account.

  • Step 1 – The first thing you do is login into your Twitter account before you use the best tweet eraser tool.
  • Step 2 – Head over to the tweet delete tool and click sign in. As you click an option will appear with the ‘Authorize access’ option. You will have to click on that option and it will redirect to the tweet delete tool’s dashboard.
  • Step 3 – Once you get into the dashboard you will see the filter options, tweets with timing, and option to upload twitter archive. You can make your selection based on your choice and start deleting them one-by-one or in one go.
  • Step 4 – When your Twitter account will get empty you will get a message about it. You should revoke access to the app from your Twitter settings.

Which Tweet Deleter is Best?

All of the above-mentioned tweet deleter software works perfect but my favorite is Circleboom

Circleboom is a complete twitter management tool that provides a set of advanced tools to optimize your twitter profile for maximum results. 

However, if you are looking for Circleboom alternatives then you can consider:

  • Zlappo – Best Twitter growth tool
  • TweetDeleter – Best tweet eraser tool to delete unwanted tweets.
  • TweetDelete – Best bulk tweet deleter tool to clean up old tweets instantly
  • TwitWipe – Best tool to delete all your Twitter message at once
  • TweetEraser – Best mass tweet delete tool to mass delete tweets
  • Twitter Archive Eraser – Best app to delete tweets
  • TwitLan – Best tool to delete multiple tweets

Tweet Deleter Tools - FAQs

To delete multiple tweets you can use a Twitter tool like Circleboom.

You can delete all your tweets using third-party Twitter apps.

Circleboom allows you delete old tweets by date, and year. 

You can use tools like Circleboom to delete all your tweets at once. Using this account, you can delete all your tweets.

There are plenty of free tweet deleter tools that allow you to delete many tweets in one go.

When you deactivate your account, all your posts, tweets, likes and comments disappear from the site for up to 30 days.

You can delete multiple tweets in one go with a tweet deleter. The tweet delete apps available on the internet allow you to bulk delete tweets and replies.

Circleboom allows you to delete tweets by date. Log in to Circleboom and click on the delete tweets button to remove tweets from a selected period.

If you wish to delete all your tweets in one go, Circleboom is the best tweet deleter app. Circleboom lets you bulk delete all your tweets in a few clicks.

Twitter deleter tool follows Twitter’s guidelines and is safe.

Once again, you can remove bulk Twitter likes using Circleboom.

No, you cannot delete all tweets at once directly from Twitter. However, you can use third-party apps like Circleboom to delete multiple tweets at once based on certain criteria.

Final Verdict

When you don’t want people to see old tweets that don’t make sense anymore, tweet deleter apps can be helpful.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to delete all tweets instantly. The tools are easy to use and provide step-by-step instructions.

Within a few minutes, you can get rid of those tweets with these tools. You can simply pick one of the tools and remove any unwanted tweet in a snap.

No matter how old tweets you want to delete, there’s a tweet deleter tool for that in the list. Let me know which tool you are going to use first.

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