Outsourcing SEO – Everything You Need to Know

outsourcing seo

There are basically two main approaches when it comes to search engine marketing: SEO and PPC.

In a perfect situation, company would invest in both of them: you would have a solid boost through paid campaign while waiting for your rankings to kick in.

This is why people usually refer to PPC as a short term solution while SEO is perceived as a long term solution.

Although we usually see SEO as something that brings us longevity, most websites start their optimization by employing an outsourced company.

Marketing Strategies to Power-up your WordPress Business

Wordpress business

Establishing a unique web presence in this competitive digital landscape can be possible with the implementation of powerful marketing strategies.

In other words, creating a robust marketing campaign can drastically change the way you reach your targeted web audience.

But, before that make sure you choose a right platform to begin your online journey.

It would be better if you opt for WordPress web development platform.

How to Come Up With A Blog Name

How to Come Up With A Blog Name

Let’s face it – even the PRO bloggers struggle sometimes — when coming up with a blog name.

Most of all, it’s your online brand identity.

…and you wouldn’t dare to mess it with some crazy and generic names.


You probably have TWO questions:

1. What makes a blog name unique?
2. How to come up with a blog name that stand you out from the crowd

And I’ll answer both questions.

8 Surefire Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas

blog post ideas

I know that feeling.

You open MS Word (or the tool you use to write) and then you start getting mocked by the blank screen and the cursor.

Have you ever been into that situation?

You literally don’t know what to write because you don’t any blog topics in your mind.

And that time, even the blinking cursor feels like it is laughing at you.

You know what?

11 Best Websites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

11 Best Websites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners 1

Getting online freelance writing jobs for beginners was never as easy as it is now.

There are many websites out there which offer paid writing jobs for beginners as well as PRO.

All you have to do is land on any of these sites bid on the writing projects and start writing.

You’ll get paid as soon as you delivered the article to the clients.

That’s it.

Simple, isn’t it?

But wait, hold your horses!