10 Common Blogging Mistakes That Are Killing Your Site’s SEO!

common blogging mistakes

You are working harder with comprehensive blog posts, optimizing for popular keywords and making promotion on social media.

You are following the expert advice, writing the posts of recommended length, posting with optimum frequency and keep on following the mantra “Content is King.”

You are spending time and energy by focusing on your company blog, but the blog is not getting the expected results.

Blogging is more than just a fun activity.

Starting A Blog: 12 Things You Need To Do In First 3 Months

Tips to start a blog

Congrats! Finally you are starting a blog of your own after looking others success with the blog.

I guess you might already have searched almost everything related to blogging from writing a blog post to how to start blog and make money online fast.

Internet is full of blogging tips and tricks and focusing on multiple tasks will get you nowhere.

That’s one of the major reasons why most bloggers fail online.

Many start a blog for money but left blogging in their first three months because they don’t see any results.

Instead of finding the reason they blame on blogging and say:

“Blogging is dead, it is not for them.”

But here is the truth.

Under Construction Page WordPress Plugin Review : Best Free Plugin for Creating A Maintenance Mode Or Coming Soon Page


Nothing is more embarrassing than visiting a website with a dead link or a broken page.

All reputation and hours of your hard works’ result get zero in few seconds because you hadn’t created any customized under construction or maintenance page for broken link.

Which you could have created easily within few seconds using Under Construction WordPress plugin.

Yes, you read it right under construction WordPress plugin is the one simple plugin that you can use to create under construction/maintenance page while you’re doing work on your site.

How to Hide Friends on Facebook From Others

How to Hide Friends on Facebook

The more people are engaging on Facebook, the more they concern about how to hide friends on Facebook.

Because of annoying people who look others Facebook profile and friend lists, for them privacy has become a serious matter on Facebook.

To understanding this issue, recently Facebook has added a lot of new settings for maintaining a user’s privacy.

When a new user joins Facebook, he takes care of almost everything in his profile such as status, photos, albums, etc.

But, one thing that he often forgets is to hide friends on Facebook.