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If you want to see the best AppSumo deals and discounts at a single place, you’ll love this guide.

These deals are going to SAVE you lots of money.

AppSumo is a great place to find cheap marketing tools with huge discounts and lifetime deals.

In fact, you can find up to 98% discounts on any AppSumo lifetime deals including SEO tools, email marketing tools and other digital products.

Quick Notes on AppSumo Lifetime Deals

AppSumo works directly with the product owners and brings you the best AppSumo deals and discounts on digital products.

Here are few things you should know about best buy AppSumo deals:

  • AppSumo lifetime deals are amazing, but they only last a limited time (yes, mostly within 7 days). You can later purchase those at regular prices (10x higher).
  • All products come with a 60-day money back guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose.
  • AppSumo deals are usually sold out within a week of their launch. For the lifetime deal, you must act quickly.

In the blog post, we’ll update the past and upcoming AppSumo deals 2022. For future best AppSumo deals, bookmark this page.

Best Lifetime AppSumo Deals February 2022

Harvel The Harlvel scans the web automatically for pirated content and DMCA takedown requests are sent to site hosts and search engines after an expert verifies them.
Seers Use the leading privacy solution to make your website compliant and secure.
Kommunity Easily organize events, engage with members, and build an online community.
SuiteDash An all-in-one business software that improves communication and team collaboration.
Hupport It automates follow-up via email, SMS, and voice messages.
Ligna With Ligna, you can close clients, manage content, oversee projects, and track all details.
Fusioo Using Fusioo, you can create an online database that stores all the info you need to run your business.
WP Guidant Using WP Guidant, you can filter data and display products based on customer preferences.
WatchThemLive Using heatmaps, session recordings, and web analytics, WatchThemLive lets you optimize your user experience.
Influencify Influencify is a platform that leverages the power of 35 million influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to help grow your sales.
Blogely You can research, create, and publish content in any language with Blogely, it is a great content creation and management app.
Tapps It is an easy-to-use, no-code platform for creating, sharing, and scaling digital content across all devices.
ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer It compresses PDFs and images in Google Drive to free up more storage while preserving all the content you have.
Cratoflow Using Cratoflow, you’ll have a real-time preview of the finances of your business, as it handles all transactions.

Uxcel With Uxcel, you can learn and test new design skills, get in touch with designers around the world, and take design assessments.

Rytr A smart AI writer and SEO assistant that can help you create high-ranking, long-form content.

Listen2It Get your content transformed into an audio file by selecting from over 600 lifelike voices.

Thundercontent Create SEO-friendly blog posts, articles, production descriptions, and web copy using Artificial Intelligence.

XEmailVerify Use this tool to ensure deliverability and enhance the reach of digital marketing campaigns by bulk validating email lists.

WP Reset With WP Reset, you can collectively install WordPress themes, plugins, and take snapshots of your website.

WPFunnels Create personalized sales funnels which are integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce using WPFunnels.

Bird Eats Bug It helps non-technical people create data-rich bug reports that help engineers diagnose and debug faster.

Airschool With this tool, you can create, sell, and scale successful online courses without coding.

UIdeck UIdeck allows you to launch your website without writing code with HTML landing page templates, Bootstrap themes, Tailwind templates, and UI kits.

Plerdy It is a multifunctional SEO tool for analyzing user behavior and improving websites, including heatmaps, session recording, and click tracking.

Gravitec With Gravitec, you can convert one-time visitors to subscribers by using an easy-to-use web push service.

EmailWritr Boost open rates, engagement, and sales with this email marketing tool.

TrueRanker TrueRanker is a powerful keyword rank tracker tool for monitoring, improving, and localizing your SEO strategy.

SocioBoard With SocioBoard can automate and streamline your social media and content marketing operations to save time and effort.

Brakeout It allows you to design workflows so your business can run on autopilot.

WebTotem With WebTotem, you can secure your website and data and actively monitor threats.

Havoc Shield With Havoc Shield, you get robust cybersecurity solutions that offer protection from cybersecurity and ransomware attacks.

UIHUT With UIHUT, you get access to professional design resources (Free and Paid) to create your own website or application. 

Texterify With Texterify, you can quickly translate any content on your software, apps, and website.

Vonza With Vonza, you can create online courses, sell products, build sales funnels, create websites, and more.

Archy Learning It is a great e-learning platform that lets you create and share your online courses including quizzes, exams, and videos.

Mega Creator Create custom illustrations, photos, and collages with Mega Creator online DIY graphic editor.

Andromo With Andromo, you can build mobile apps with no code and monetize them as well.

Maybe* – This is a great social media tool to steal your competitors’ social media strategy which they are using. You can their strategies to manage, schedule, and benchmark to improve your results.

Bamboo Cloud It is a custom video streaming platform that lets you publish, host, and schedule your video content on a single platform.

AdCreative.ai Create stunning ad campaigns with AI-powered creative tools.

FeedHive This is a great tool for managing social media that helps you maximize engagement through AI-generated posts and customizable scheduling.

Bounceless It helps email marketers’ boost their deliverability with its email verification tool, which scrubs outreach lists, verifying addresses, and boosts email list accuracy.

Biteplay With Biteplay, you can conduct content research, advertise on YouTube, and collaborate with YouTube influencers.

PerkZilla It is a powerful marketing platform that lets you create targeted ads to reach the right audience with its automation tools.

Microthemer It is an awesome WordPress CSS editor plugin that lets you customize your site like a pro without coding.

T2M URL Shortener With T2M URL Shortener, you can create short branded URLs and QR codes, and easily track their analytics.

Jemi It is a powerful tool for creating a website, bio link, and online store.

Pixiko You can edit and create videos directly in your browser without having to download any software.

BOWWE It is a drag-and-drop website builder that lets you create websites, landing pages, link pages, and more.

Ocoya With the Ocoya AI-powered platform, you can manage all your content marketing in one place.

Reportei Create professional digital marketing reports and dashboards in seconds.

Expoze.io Create AI heatmaps for more efficient content creation without coding.

Vepaar Create an eCommerce business from scratch and boost its performance with Veppar.

LimeCall With it you can engage your leads using a callback widget, call scheduling, call tracking, and analytics to boost conversions.

MYFUNDBOX It is an automated subscription billing platform with it you can manage and accept international payments online easily.

Amazing AppSumo Lifetime Deals {Grab Before Expires}

Most of the AppSumo deals will be here for only a few weeks. So grab it when it is available at discount prices.

Here are the most popular lifetime AppSumo deals that will be here for this month.


Looking for ways to increase your email marketing conversion because your potential clients are sending it directly to trash without opening?

It can take hours to record a video for every email prospect if you’re doing it all by yourself.

Luckily, here is Murlist.

Murlist helps you increase sales and grow your business by sending personalized video cold emails at scale.

Using Murlist, you can automate drip campaigns and send hyper-personalized video cold emails to drive leads down your sales funnel.

Why should you use Murlist?

Using Murlist, you can build a great first impression with prospective leads by using customized video outreach.

  • Alternative to Woodpecker
  • Create personalized video emails
  • Create automated drip campaigns
  • Create multiple sender accounts to launch campaigns

How much does it cost?

Regular Price: $899
AppSumo Deal Price: $79 (Lifetime Access)

How to get Murlist lifetime AppSumo deals?


Why waste your precious time manually searching important emails and spreadsheets when you can automate and manage all your workflows?

Introducing Flokzu.

Flokzu is a drag-and-drop platform for automating complex business processes.

Why should you use Flokzu?

It is best for project managers who want to improve their company’s performance with workflow automation.

  • Alternative to Pipefy, Hive, and Kissflow
  • Automate end-to-end processes and workflows
  • Create custom reports by defining filters and displaying columns
  • Schedule automatic reports to receive relevant information

How much does it cost?

Regular Price: $1260
AppSumo Deal Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)

How to get Flokzu lifetime AppSumo deals?


Want to write SEO-friendly blog content on a regular basis that improves your search engine ranking?

Introducing Bramework.

Bramework is an AI-enabled writing app that lets you create SEO optimized articles in seconds.

Why should you use Bramework?

Using Bramework you can save lots of time in writing SEO friendly content for blogs.

How much does it cost?

Regular Price: $1044
AppSumo Deal Price: $79 (Lifetime Access)

How to get Bramework AppSumo lifetime deals?

Flash Lead

Looking for a CRM tool that automatically tracks leads and increases the conversion for you?

Well, you got it.

Use Flash Lead CRM solution that smooths internal communication with automated messages and lets you close more deals.

You can schedule calls with prospects directly from the Flash Lead Pro interface, along with automatic push reminders.

To stay informed about the status of any lead, you can use the internal chat functionality.

Why should you get Flash Lead?

It is best for lead tracking and automated client communication for sales and marketing managers.

  • Alternative to Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho
  • Advanced CRM software
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Automatic registration of call logs (Android)

How much does it cost?

Regular Price: $900
AppSumo Deal Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)

How to get Flash Lead AppSumo lifetime deals?

When it comes to video editing, complicated software can feel like a numbing feeling.

With Pixelayers, you can build and edit video content quickly on an intuitive and simple web platform.

The program allows you to edit multiple media tracks at once, perform smart media resizing, and adjust any other video features you need.

Why should you get Pixelayes?

Pixelayers offers a clean interface and powerful editing software, so you can edit anywhere, anytime.

  • Alternative to Veed.io, Kapwing, and Clipchamp
  • Simple drag-and-drop video editor
  • Best for video content creators
  • Unlimited access to the stock media library
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Animated elements

How much does it cost?

Regular Price: $1680
AppSumo Deal Price: $59 (Lifetime Access)

How to get Pixelayers AppSumo lifetime deals?


Want to create your first mobile app but don’t know to make one?

Creating a mobile app isn’t easy if you are not a techy guy, additionally, it cost a lot of money.

The solution is… Mobiroller.

Using Mobiroller, you can make a professional app with ease. You can create monetized apps for ecommerce stores, restaurants, and more without coding.

Why should you get Mobiroller?

Mobiroller is best for solopreneurs and small businesses who want to make high-quality mobile apps.

  • Alternative to Shoutem, Passion.io, and GoodBarber
  • Can create android and iOS apps without coding

How much does it cost?

Regular Price: $1680
AppSumo Deal Price: $59 (Lifetime Access)

How to get Mobiroller AppSumo lifetime deals?

Typli AI Writer

Content writing is not a cup of tea for everyone. Most of all, it is an expensive and time-consuming process.

How about if someone can do it for you?

Introducing Typli – an AI writing tool that creates high-quality content for blogs, ads, emails, social media, and more, in just a few seconds.

Using this AI writing assistant, you can save time and money on content writing.

Why should you grab this AppSumo Typli Deal?

Content marketers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs use Typli to create high-quality SEO content.

  • Best alternative to Frase and Article Forge
  • Work directly from WordPress, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox
  • Create any piece of content in any tone
  • Can create content for blogs, ads, emails, social media, and more.

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $348
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $59 (Lifetime Access)

How to get this Typli AppSumo lifetime deal?AI


Are you tired of explaining the same things again and again over text, emails, and presentations?

Here is the solution…

Try the BerryCast screen recording app to bring more personal touch to your email and presentations.

With BerryCast, you can communicate with clients and customers in an engaging way by explaining complex concepts or providing a detailed tutorial.

Why should you grab BerryCast lifetime deal?

BerryCast is a great tool for salespeople, teachers, and support teams to explain complex topics, lessons, and presentations with visuals.

  • Best alternative to Loom, Screencastify, and Vidyard
  • Can share videos on Outlook and Microsoft Teams
  • No tech skills are required to use BerryCast
  • Camera shy person can record screen with audio

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $1558
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $129 (Lifetime Access)

How to get this BerryCast AppSumo lifetime deal?

Melon Livestreaming Tool

Your content shouldn’t be confusing when live streaming. However, there are some platforms that let you broadcast your live stream, but finding the right live streaming tool isn’t easy.

Here is the solution – Melon.

Melon lets you stream your content on multiple platforms to build your online presence.

Additionally, you can launch your live streams right from your browser.

The best part?

Your audience can join the livestream without downloading or creating an account for Melon.

Why should you grab Melon lifetime deals?

Maximize your reach with Melon by livestreaming across multiple platforms at once.

  • Record your stream while you’re live
  • Host up to nine participants
  • Personalize your stream with custom backgrounds
  • Start streaming right from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $588
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $99 (Lifetime Access)

How to get Melon AppSumo lifetime deal?

Want to build an online course but don’t know where to start?

Launching a digital course is SUPER easy with Marble.

You can create an online course academy with unlimited users without coding in just 10 minutes.

It has many professionally designed academy theme templates that you can use to create your online course.

Why should you grab AppSumo Marble deal?

  • Create a branded course without coding
  • Alternative to Thinkific and Teachable
  • Create engaging micro-courses with a branded theme
  • Track the progress of your audience

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $1590
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)

How to get Marble AppSumo lifetime deal?


Don’t limit yourself with limited characters and one link in your social media profile.

In fact, convert your social media profile visitors into clients and subscribers.


The answer is – Taplink.

Taplink lets you create small landing pages for your social network profiles that visitors can access directly from social media platforms.

Why should you grab Taplink lifetime deals?

Best suits for entrepreneurs, influencers, and content creators want to generate looking to generate sales and traffic from social media.

  • Can create a micro landing page without coding
  • Access to 30+ built-in tools for landing page customization
  • Access to over 300 pre-designed templates and themes
  • Alternative to Linktree and Linkin.bio

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $270
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

How to get this Taplink AppSumo lifetime deal?


You probably don’t want to see a 404 page when visiting a website – not even your audience.

If they see a dead page on your website, they might never come back.

Here is the solution – WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects scan your website to find broken links and automatically redirect mistyped URLs to avoid 404 errors.

With a single dashboard, you can track all your sites pages, manage affiliate links and see click stats.

Why should you grab this WP 301 Redirects lifetime deals?

This is helpful for marketers, coders, and web designers who want to improve SEO and user experience on their sites.

  • Automatically redirect incorrect links
  • Scan links that are hurting your SEO
  • Alternative to Redirection and Broken Link Checker

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $158
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

How to get this WP 301 Redirects AppSumo lifetime deal?


Jumppl helps your business remain productive with chat, client portals, calendars, and other tools.

Using templates, you can set up repeating project structures and team structures, allowing specific responsibilities, permissions, and access only to the people who need it.

For a crystal-clear connection, you can create screen recordings for video messaging, then save them directly to a task file. 

Why should you grab a Jumppl lifetime deal?

Best for agency owners, small business owners, and entrepreneurs manage their teams effortlessly.

  • Alternative to ClickUp, Asana, and Basecamp
  • Modern project and team management platform
  • Can create video messages with screen recordings

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $600
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)

How to get this Jumppl AppSumo lifetime deal?


Managing multiple social media networks is challenging and time-consuming.

You must create social content that is easy to manage, efficient and helps you maximize its effectiveness.

This is where Social Web Suite comes to help.

After connecting with your WordPress Social Web Suite will automatically share your posts on connected social networks.

With a single dashboard you can create, schedule, post, manage, repurpose, and examine all your social media content across channels.

Why should you grab Social Web Suite lifetime deal?

It is best for social media marketers and teams who want to manage their content on all social media networks easily.

  • Easy to integrate with WordPress
  • Best alternative to Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and MeetEdgar
  • Can set up in less than five minutes

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $390
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

How to get this Social Web Suite AppSumo lifetime deal?


Want to create a professionally designed presentation but don’t know how to do it?

Here is the solution – Glorify.

With Glorify, you can create realistic product shots, 3D mockups, shapes, and social media content even if you don’t have any designing experience.

It has powerful editing tools that let you remove backgrounds, create 3D mockups, and export automatically resized designs.

Moreover, you can invite team members or guests to access, edit, and view your projects.

Why should you grab Glorify AppSumo lifetime deal?

It is best for entrepreneurs, marketers, and designers who quickly want to create professional visuals.

  • Alternative to Canva, Desygner, and Venngage
  • Can quickly design content with 15,000+ templates
  • No tech skills need to create professional looking visuals

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $1199.40
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $97 (Lifetime Access)

How to get this Glorify lifetime deal?


To make your marketing campaign successful you need to find a way to track your sales funnel’s performance and optimize it for maximum conversion.

Furthermore, you should have a clear understanding of the data from analytics, spreadsheets, and dashboards.

Introducing TruConversion.

Truconversion makes it easy to track and optimize your funnel with heatmaps, session recordings, and data form analytics.

You can easily track your funnels, set conversion targets, and determine what area needs to focus on to increase conversion with only a few clicks.

Why should you grab Truconversion lifetime deal?

It is best for marketing professionals, media managers, and email marketers who want to track and improve their funnels.

  • Alternative to HotJar and Funnelytics
  • Can use optimization tools like heatmaps, session recordings, and more.
  • Easily track funnels, set benchmarks, and improve strategies with smart funnels

How much does it cost?

  • Regular Price: $499.40
  • AppSumo Deal Price: $69 (Lifetime Access)

How to get this Truconversion AppSumo lifetime deal?

FAQs - Best AppSumo Deals 2022

What is AppSumo?

The AppSumo platform offers attractive lifetime deals and discounts of up to 99% off on all kinds of marketing tools and products, including SEO, email marketing, and website development.

What does AppSumo lifetime deals mean?

With lifetime AppSumo deals, you get lifetime access to every tool or product you buy from AppSumo.

Does AppSumo offer a money-back guarantee?

With AppSumo, you'll receive a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with an AppSumo tool or product within 60 days, you can get a refund.

How long do AppSumo deals last?

The AppSumo deals last about two weeks or until the codes expire. 

What is AppSumo Plus?`

For just $99 for one year, you can get access to exclusive deals, 10% off all AppSumo purchases, access to KingSumo giveaways, and other benefits.

Does AppSumo provide customer support?

Each tool you buy from AppSumo comes with world-class support and exclusive access to the founder & CEO.

Are there any Free AppSumo deals?

AppSumo offers some free deals. There are a few products that you can get for free.

How to know about upcoming Appsumo Deals?

Many deals are updated every day, rarely every week. We update this article to include the best deals. I recommend you save this page on your browser if you are an online marketer.

AppSumo Deals Summary

So, there you have the best AppSumo deals which are suitable for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Several of the AppSumo discounts listed here provide you with up to 98% off.

Meanwhile, you can also browse all the live deals at AppSumo.

You need to act fast because most deals on AppSumo sell out in a few days and will not last a week. Therefore, pick the tool that suits you and comes with lifetime access and a cheap price.

If you have any queries regarding AppSumo deals and discounts, you can mention below in the comment below.

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