SEO Changes That Will Affect Your Website in Future

seo changes

Internet is constantly changing.

Last couple of years were especially turbulent as we noticed a serious shift towards mobile devices. At the same time, technology used by search engines such as Google has drastically improved so in future, we may expect whole process to be automated.

Although some SEOs may say that this is the end for optimization, there will always be opportunities to improve rankings and thus traffic of a site. Still, there is a debate in terms of what this future will look like.

Smart Ways to Building Links to Your Site in 2017

link building

Link building has evolved a lot and still remained the same.

Although most SEO experts say that Google’s algorithms have improved significantly in last few years and are able to recognize certain patterns (which is true) link builders are still doing a lot of gray hat techniques.

Still, I have to say that people are slowly starting to recognize potential dangers of such strategy and are instead opting to go full white hat.

Let’s check the best link building techniques that are still working today.