How to Come Up With A Blog Name

How to Come Up With A Blog Name

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Let’s face it – even the PRO bloggers struggle sometimes — when coming up with a blog name.

Most of all, it’s your online brand identity.

…and you wouldn’t dare to mess it with some crazy and generic names.


You probably have TWO questions:

1. What makes a blog name unique?
2. How to come up with a blog name that stand you out from the crowd

And I’ll answer both questions.

First, I am going to show what makes a blog name unique?

And why you need to take time when naming a blog before starting a blog?

Second, I’ll show you some easy ways to come up with a best blog name that doesn’t suck and attract more audiences.

What makes a blog name unique?

A unique name is nothing but a credible name that attracts visitors, catchy, easy to remember, spell, and obviously relate to you somehow.

I’ve seen the blog which is hard to guess, what the blog about is unless you visit that blog.

Choosing a memorable blog name is challenging when don’t know how to find name for your new blog.

Well, today your this problem is going to end.

Before I share you tips to find attractive blog name, I would like you know the blog name categories.

Here these are…

#1. Generic Blog Names – These are the names that focus on search engine traffic and mostly related to your blog topic or niche.

For example – Curious Blogger, as you see it focuses on bloggers. OR, a blogger who want to learn new blogging tips and tricks.

#2. Branded Blog Names – These are the names that come up with one motive BRAND something, whether it’s a person or a company.

Most branded blog belongs to personal names such as or

But also some names can be branded once they established themselves and are the real examples of branded blog names.

How to come up with a blog name that doesn’t suck

Naming a blog is not a task that you would do every day, therefore, when doing it, make sure you brainstorm and consider all possible aspects.

Let me help you how?

#1. Consider your niche or blog topic

This is the first step to choose a blog name.

You must be clear in your mind what your blogging GOAL is.

Your niche matters when you want to drive targeted audiences to your blog.

For example:

If you are running a fitness blog then coming up with TECH related name isn’t making any sense. Is it?

Instead, coming up with a name like is great.

In the first place, it sends a clear message to visitors that the blog is about fitness without confusing with a funky name.

#2. Focus on brand

While choosing an awesome name for your new blog make sure it is easy to remember as well as have the possibility to be a brand in the future.

#3. Focus on search engine while naming a blog

Though it isn’t necessary to use your main keyword in the blog if you have it, it would help you in search engine ranking.


As time passes, your blog name turns itself as a keyword and whenever anyone searches for that name it appears first.

That is why having a keyword in your blog name is good.

#4. Avoid using hyphen and numbers

When you making a blog you should consider the SEO.

And an SEO point of view, numbers, and the hyphen are not recommended.

It makes difficult to spell, also people don’t easily remember your blog name which has numbers or hyphen.

As a result, they get confused and never return to your blog.

#5. Prefer .COM domain name

A .COM is a widely known domain extension.

When choosing a domain, make sure you go with .COM, unless you are building a specific website such as education, technology, or an NGO site.

To know more about choosing a domain name read this article:

Ultimate Guide to Buy A Perfect Domain Name in Five Minutes

Smart ways to come up with a blog name without wasting too much time

I guess now you might have cleared in your mind how to choose a blog name.

In case, if you still find yourself struggling while choosing a blog name

Take the help of domain name generators to find the perfect blog name for you

When your mind is blank with blog names ideas then it’s time to give it a rest and put blog name creators in charge.

Here are some best blog name checkers:

1. Call the Thesaurus

Thesaurus will suggest you synonyms or alternate keywords for your blog name.

It works best when your desired blog name is already taken.


Blog Name Generator

If you don’t want to waste your time in blog name search then Panabee is the tool you should use.

It is a simple tool to search for domain names, app names, and company names.

Moreover, it shows if the name is available on social media or not.

3. Build a brand with Namechk

If you have a bigger blogging goal for the future, you might want to take over on social media.

If that’s the case, you’ll need Namechk. It checks almost 102 social media platforms and forums to see if your desired username is available or not.

In case, if you see the desired name is not available on the social networking sites and forums consider changing your blog name.

4- Save the time with Nameboy

Cool Domain Name Generator

Nameboy is easy to use and a time-saving blog name generator tool.

All you have to do is put your primary and secondary keyword in the box and click the button “go nameboy go.”

…and it will provide you all the possible domain names related to your keywords.

So, it was about finding names using blog name generators.

Now see some other alternative ways to find clever blog names.

1. Competitors’ Blog Names could show the path

The competitor is your biggest friend who helps you in many ways unintentionally.

By looking at their site you will get the ideas about what trend works in your industry and how they have chosen their blog names.

Of course, you don’t need to copy them but take the ideas.

2. Books can be handy

When nothing is working for you, hire the worlds’ greatest author’s brain to find a perfect blog name for you.

Books contain lots of inspiring and wonderful words that you can find within a few minutes.

Therefore, it makes sense to use books to find some out of the box blog names.

3. Juggle the words

There comes a situation when you wish a name but someone has already picked that.

What would you do, leave the core idea behind?


Juggle the words, keep the original idea alive using some additional words.

Panabee can come handy in this situation.

4. Turn on your humor mode

When we are in a fun mood our mind gets creative and starts thinking out of the box ideas.

For Example – what would have come in their mind they chose this name.

To be honest, when I first saw the URL, I thought it would be a humorous site.

But when I clicked and saw there was nothing related to humor but the name.

Wrapping Up!

Your blog name is important and it’s your duty to make it unique, catchy and memorable.

Don’t do hurry while coming up with a blog name take some time and get the best blog names ever.

Remember, the name you take should be sweet and short.

What are your experiences in coming up with a unique blog name?

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  1. Hey Shubhanshi,
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    Great guide to choose a unique blog name

    These days many blogger write on different topic which not related to the name of blog. I mean if a blog name relate to technology then writing about WordPress on it, visitor doesn’t understand sometimes till they visit the website. I agree with you to choose perfect blog name as you have suggested here the different blog name categories.

    I love the generic blog name which write on the subject of blog name. Best tip to choose a unique domain name for starting a blog. The tool you have suggested to find a perfect blog name was amazing. I’m very happy to know these all and bookmarked this page for the use of coming times.

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  2. Hello
    Making good and easy to remember name is also important for blog. It show the the whole glance of your blog. But, many people can’t find the right one or confused to choose. Here all the tips are mentioned is very effective and helpful to choose the perfect blog name.

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  4. This is a very good article about choosing a domain name.

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    Your tips are spot-on and I’m going to share this post on social media!

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