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Congratulations! Your website is live. 🙂

Now, what?

Do you have link building strategies for your just launched website?


You should have at least one effective link building strategy.

If you aren’t aware of this term before, you might be wondering what the heck is link building? And, why do I need link building for my website?

According to Google algorithm, most websites ranks in the search engine because of their link popularity.

Google ranking factor

Link building is a complicated and important part of SEO. It is the process of getting external web pages to link to a page on your website.

If you want your website to appear at the top in the search results, you need to make some high-quality backlinks that refer to your website.

In this post, I will show you smart ways of link building techniques that work for a brand new website.

Let begin!

#1. Let the people make link for your website (Experts Roundup)

Are you looking for a way to build some quality backlinks and natural traffic to your website?

How about, if experts do that for you?

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Yes, you heard it right.

You must be wondering, why do they will do that?

All you need is to do blogger outreach and organize an expert roundup post.

Yes, it the tactic, I am talking about.

Expert roundup is an awesome way to get quality links, traffic, social shares and brand awareness to your blog.

Recently, my good friend Eli Seekins and Michael Pozdnev conducted expert roundup posts for their website. Where they invited some respected pro bloggers to share their thoughts on their questions.

Are you curious to know, how did it go?

See below yourself:

expert round up post

Here is an other form Eli’s blog…

Fatal Mistakes New Bloggers Need To Avoid


As you can see, it also got them hundreds of social shares. Okay?

So, it’s a very, very fast way to get exposure for a new blog as an expert roundup

But the question is, how to get a reply from these experts?

I recommend you to read Eli’s guest post at Sue Ann’s Blog that helped him to get 103 shares and 42 comments, even when he had zero traffic and no email list.

Pro Tip – Never ask multiple questions from experts because they are busy persons. So, respect to their valuable time.

#2. Offer testimonials for use on authoritative sites

Testimonials are still one of the best marketing tactics to convert and audiences to buyers.

In fact, 92% consumers around the globe trust recommendations from friends and family.

testimonials trust

That’s why companies love to show testimonials on their website. If it was written well, it could work for both, you and the company, you wrote testimonials.

Contact to the companies you have engaged in the past or used their services. And ask them you want to write a testimonial for their website.

They will happy to know this. Because whether companies are big or small they love to show off their clients’ reviews on their websites about their product and services.

When they accept your proposal, don’t forget to ask them if they can put it on their homepage or a testimonial page.

No authority sites want to show a fake testimonial, that is why they often put a link to their customers… without even asking for it.

Testimonials example

If you want to get a backlink from authority sites, buy their product and offer them testimonials.

Pro Tip – When you send them an email with your website link. Don’t ask them to use it. Share your true opinions with them. If they will like your feedback they will link itself.

asking for testimonial

Image Source

#3. Local Businesses: Get some high-quality local links

Local listing is important if you are running a local business. In that case, you must earn some local links besides global links.

Local business listing is crucial to get ranking for locally based keywords, such as ones involving your city or region name.

Here are some good local listing sites you can use today:

Remember, when you are submitting your local business’s information NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) on these websites. Information should be same on every website.

It is critical to your website’s ranking that information should in the same format.

Pro Tip – When you are looking for directories for local listing, make sure it has DA above 25. Below that DA websites would be considered as a low authority, and it could hurt your website’s ranking.

#4. Blog comment on authoritative site

It is the topic of debate among marketers, does blog commenting is still effective? Does it improve website ranking in search results?

The answer is, Yes, it is still effective and you should do it regularly.

Neil Patel generated $25,000 and 3,973 visitors in one month by leaving 249 comments on other people’s blogs.

However, having multiple benefits of blog commenting many people do useless or spam comment. Akismet, a tool that helps stop spam comments, stops over 7.5 million spam comments every hour.

If your website is new and you want to generate targeted traffic to your website, you must use this tactic.

Make sure, avoid the following silly blog commenting mistakes.

  • Using keyword in the name section instead of original name
  • Using inactive email id for commenting
  • Using an email address that’s not connected to a Gravatar
  • Leaving comment on irrelevant websites
  • Leaving useless and irrelevant out of the topic comment
  • Doing keyword stuffing in comment

Blogging could be awesome when you mix it with blog commenting. It is unique way drive quality traffic and build a healthy relationship with other fellow bloggers.

People who don’t see results probably haven’t been doing it the right way.

Nevertheless, there is no defined rule of blog commenting, but it doesn’t mean you do it anywhere without making any sense.

I increased this website’s DA from 7 to 24 by blog commenting in two months. While, I didn’t write a single guest post or used any other link building tactic, yet.

Here are custom footprints you can use to find sites for blog commenting:

  • “this site uses keywordluv”
  • “this site uses commentluv”
  • “powered by wordpress”
  • “leave a comment”
  • “reply to post”
  • “leave comment”
  • “powered by wordpress” site:.edu
  • “leave a comment” site:.edu
  • “reply to post” site:.edu
  • site:edu “by wordpress” “Leave a Reply”

Pro Tip – Don’t write a comment without reading the article on which you are commenting. Once you understand the topic, write a detailed comment of at least 200 words. It increases the chance of the comment approval.

#5. Write quality content and share it wherever is possible

All the link building strategies mentioned above will work only if your website has quality content, that provides value to your audiences.

No one would like to share and link useless and outdated content on his website.

You should write a compelling blog post that people will want to reference and link to, and tell people about it.

You don’t need to ask them for backlinks if they like it, they will do it themselves.

Chirs Gimmer founder of BootstapBay managed to get 17,584 visitors in one day for his new website by writing a single quality content.

He got this achievement:

Without any connections.

Without any social media followers.

Without investing a single penny on the advertisement.

You must be wondering; how did he do that?

Read here the complete step-by-step guide to finding the answer.

Pro Tip – Only writing quality content will not enough for you, unless readers read it. And, it is your duty to deliver that content to right persons.

Final Thoughts!

Launching a website is only half work, to shine in the crowd of the web, your website needs to appear on some quality sites.

However, this is not an easy task but, if you apply the above mentions link building tips for the new website, you will get remarkable results.

Don’t try to take shortcuts for building links, it might show some early results but Google will catch you soon.

You probably know, what will be the result then? Google will award your website with its penalties. And, I am sure you’d never want that. Wouldn’t you? 😉

Instead, earn links for your website through networking, following link building tips, social media, and personal branding.

Now, it’s your turn which link-building strategy, you are already using or want to suggest for a new website? Leave your thoughts in the comment.