9 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers (Which One You Have?)

habits of succesful bloggers

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Do you ever wish to know, what are the habits of highly successful bloggers on the planet?

What motivates them to write a quality blog post, despite having extremely busy?

How do they manage their time?

I guess. You might have lots of questions regarding successful bloggers’ activity. Isn’t it?

I can see you nodding your head in affirmation.

That’s great!

In today’s post, I will share with you 9 habits of highly successful bloggers that you can use to improve your blogging.

Let’s begin!

#1. They say what they mean and mean what they say

Why do bloggers respect Jon Morrow or Darren Rowse?

Why do they follow their advice?

It’s because they trust them and their suggestions.

The experts know what they are saying to their audience. And make that clear to them.

They don’t make people guess what they wanted to say.

They tell the truth and make it quite simple, so everyone understands their motive behind that content.

You probably know how Jon’s writes a blog.

He tells the truth, whether someone like it or not.

He doesn’t hide anything from his audiences.

What lesson you should learn?

[Tweet “Be expert in your subject and let it know to your audiences in the words, they understand.”]

#2. They are self-aware and self-motivated

Successful bloggers know who are they?

And what is their goal towards their audiences?

They know their weakness, strength, and responsibilities.

A blogger could fall into the crowd of the blogosphere when he doesn’t know about himself.

What does he capable of doing?

Your personal constitution based on your values that guide you in life.

Once you develop it, you refer to it habitually: read it, repeat it in your mind, listen to it etc.

#3. They manage their time by managing their emotions

I have seen people who starts blogging with passion but later complains about the timing.

They say they don’t find time for blogging because of their job, college and several other reasons.

But, it’s not true.

Successful bloggers also have the same 24 hours like you.

But still, they are doing much better blogging than you.


It is because they do what they need to do even it makes them uncomfortable. They manage their emotions better than everyone else.

They are emotional people like others. However, they manage their emotions smartly.

They prioritize their tasks and break them into multiple sub-tasks tasks into their schedule. It enables them to do work effectively and faster than everyone else.

[Tweet “Successful bloggers do not waste their energy in complaining about opportunities, they create them.”]

#4. They start before feeling ready

Opportunities are like sunrises. if you wait too long, you miss them.

Sometimes we wait for the right time to write a blog post. And get busy in another job and that post never gets written.

On the other hand, successful bloggers never kill time for the perfect timing to take action because they know that there is no such thing as the perfect timing. They make decisions and take actions fast.

[Tweet “Don’t wait for the right moment to come, move forward and grab it.”]

Just remember everything that happens helps you grow, even if it’s hard to see now.

#5. They eliminate choices and options

I agree, highly successful bloggers make lots of decisions, but they make sure those are really important ones.

They don’t get stuck in useless tasks which are less important. They are clear and certain about what they want from blogging. They are also clear about what they don’t want.

They develop systems to reduce choices and options. It makes them focus on the important tasks.

They look for lessons in problems.

As a blogger, you also should have at least one plan for all your important task such as writing, publishing, and promotion etc.

#6. They contribute before you ask

This is the quality that makes them unique. They don’t ask for the permission to their readers to provide the value.

They find ways to help their audiences (with how-to guides, tutorial, videos, etc.) without even asking for anything in return.

You may ask what is the benefit of that? What do they get?

The answer is, they get loyal fans for the rest of their life. Who respect them and their content whenever they publish and feel happy to like, share and comment.

#7. They get ideas by picking others’ brain

I assume. You have probably heard the famous quote of Pablo Picasso.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

It’s totally fit on expert bloggers, they read to get ideas that took the author 10 years to figure out, in 10 minutes.

It helps them avoid those silly blogging mistakes which have already made up.

They hire successful people’s mind to overcome the deadly blogging mistakes.

They don’t believe in imitating. They innovate!

It’s is not a good idea to try everything yourself while you can learn that from others.

#8. They are consistent

Consistent action creates consistent results.

Highly successful bloggers understand that results don’t appear from the first day. It takes time and consistent effort to show the outcomes.

That’s why they don’t afraid to work day and night. They keep faith in every tiny task which they do, and always focus on the long-term results.

They become notable because they play a long game whereas other people play short.

Just keep going if you want to be in successful bloggers category.

[Tweet “Be patient, the results take time. But if you are consistent, they will come.”]

#9. They value true relationship

You’ll never find highly successful bloggers who are arrogant and messed up with everyone.

They know they would have never become successful without their audiences, mentors, and friends.

They value their relationship with them.

Although, they are busy but still they manage time to respond every single query asks by their audience.

Even if someone asks them for a favor they happily do that.

If you are following Neil Patel, Sue Ann, and Harsh Agarwal for a while, you probably have noticed, they respond to every single mail, they get from their audience.

Final Thoughts!

Of course, everyone starts blogging to be successful and make lots of money online, but 95% bloggers have no idea how to accomplish that milestone?

All successful bloggers was someday a newbie like you, but the skills that make them shine, it’s the hard work and their never surrender attitude.

If want to be like them, you must set a goal and make a plan to achieve that. Because a goal without a plan is just a wish.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and develop winning habits like other pro bloggers.

Good luck! 🙂

I would like to know what habit you have already? And, which one are you going to adopt? Share your valuable thoughts in the comment.

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Shubhanshi Aggarwal
Shubhanshi Aggarwal
Shubhanshi is a blogger at Grow With Web and an internet marketing strategist, who love to learn, share and implement new tactics of generating leads & grow business

13 thoughts on “9 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers (Which One You Have?)”

  1. Hi Ravi,

    A person who wants to be successful blogger should always adopt the qualities that makes other bloggers successful. I like to learn from every blogger, because I know everyone have something unique.

    Thanks for the comment. 🙂

    – Shubhanshi

  2. Hi,
    I think the above points you have shared are really good and every blogger must have these things in him or her. And i am sure that it will lead them to success.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Aggarwal,

    The question I asked myself when I saw this post of yours was simple; ‘Am I a successful blogger?’

    I was glad you never linked a blog’s success to the amount the blog’s make per month as blogging success is different for various blogs.

    I once managed one popular blog and all that I wanted from that was comments and interestingly it achieved it aim.

  4. Hi – Thanks for all of your points, they are very helpful in attempting to grow my reader base and monetize my blog. I am working on #5, not allowing myself to get distracted by seemingly important stuff, but not essential to my goals.

  5. Hi Umesh,
    To write a good content and SEO optimized blogs does not make you success at the end. Little bit spices of a dignified blogger quality are also needed.
    And you have got everything that a successful blogger has and need to have in order to become a successful one. Thanks for the great posts.


  6. Hi,

    If I were given a chance to rate, ‘being consistent’ and ‘being truthful to audience’ be rated the highest. Because these are the two most important where successful bloggers lie their strength.

    We aspire to be consistent and inspire others. But as much as we aspire, we often forget and keep things procrastinating.

    So the difference b/w us and them is clear – they are consistent in providing the values they can best deliver.

    Thanks. This post is indeed a good one. Helped me study whether I also have at least one trait of them.

  7. Nicely written Shubahnshi,

    Of course those pro-bloggers you have listed are what they are today because they follow these practices religiously. Imagine if you have to answer to every email that you get, and that too after gaining such popularity…that is commendable.

    I hope I can achieve a fraction of what they have done today.

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