9 Effective Blogging Hacks Only Genius Bloggers Use (And You Should Use Them Too)

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We do blogging to make money and become a successful blogger.

But you already know that blogging is not easy as it looks.

To get successful in blogging, you need to follow some blogging rules.

Ever tried to figure out how some bloggers become successful while several other inexperienced bloggers are still unable to leave their mark?

No idea?

Let me tell you.

Smart bloggers set some smart blogging rules before they start a new blog and honestly follow those rules.

If you want to be a successful blogger, then you must learn those creative blogging skills and apply them to your blog post.

In this post we will talk about each of them:

Powerful Blogging Strategies Only Smart Bloggers Use (And You Should Use Them Too)

#1. Ask Your Audiences What They Want to Read

If you want to increase audience engagement and want readers to read your blog post till the end. Then you have to write the post that your audience wants to know.

It can be an excellent way to write a blog post or SiteGround review that your audience is actually looking for.

How about invite them and ask what they want to read?

It is an awesome method to create content that your audience will love to read. Encourage people to leave a comment and ask for their suggestion in the comment sections. You can also engage with them on social media and ask about blog post topics.

Successful bloggers use this tactic to write an engaging blog post.

#2. Know Your Audience and Feel Their Pain

Let me ask you a question. Would you like to read a blog post which has nothing to do with you or the solutions of your problems, which you are looking for?

I bet you’ll never read such kind of post. Same happens when you write a post without understanding your audience and their pain.

Why knowing your audience is important and why does it matter?

A person always looks for their benefit and if you’ll write a post which doesn’t provide value to them, they won’t read and will leave without reading.

There is a simple rule of successful blogging. Solve your audience’s problem and get the success.

Know your audience better than they know themselves. It might take a lot of time and research getting to know your audience, but you will get its prize.

Writing for your audience become easy when you already know what they need and which blog idea will resonate with them.

#3. Focus on building Email List

One of the biggest blogging mistake bloggers do is not building an email list. Start building an email list from the first day. Even if you have no plan to sell any products or services.

Having email lists will empower you to promote your new content direct to the targeted audiences without any interfering of search engines, Facebook ads, or any other paid solutions.

How to grow your email list?

These are some useful tips to build your email lists:

  • Change your call-to-action. For example – You might change ‘Subscribe’ to ‘Count me in!’ or any other fancy word.
  • Encourage your existing email subscribers to share and forward your emails.
  • Use multiple subscription types on your website. There is a free WordPress plugin SumoMe you can use it.
  • Create a free online tool, how-to-guides, and other information resources and have a user signup with an email address.
  • Promote your lead magnet offer on social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • When you do guest blogging, add your call-to-action in your author bio.

Once you have your own email subscribers lists, you can uses them for multiple use such as content promotion, product launch or selling a service.

Now its up to you either you want to build an email list or do blogging without it. If you are nodding yes for an email list, then start to create awesome content and apply the above-mentioned listing building tactics.

#4. Love Your Existing Readers Beyond they Think

I know bringing new readers on your blog is important, but it isn’t enough to make your blog successful. You’ll also need your existing readers to make your blog successful.

Most bloggers forget their already having reader because they get obsessed with finding new readers.

Love your present readers. Don’t ignore them.

I agree you should focus on finding new readers but also give value to the existing readership.

If you show them respect and value, they will help you grow your blog.

Your existing readership what boost up your blog. Repeat audiences are more likely to engage by sharing your post and leaving comments.

Hence, you should never let your readers forget about you!

#5. Focus on Creating an Awesome Call-to-action

Ever tried to find out even after your content performing well on the search engine, why still you don’t have any subscribers?


What could be the reason of not getting the subscribers?

Where did you make the mistake?

No Idea. Okay, I tell you. You missed the call-to-action.

You might have heard about it before but just in case if you don’t know about the call-to-action then here is the quick definition of call-to-action:

A call to action (CTA) is a single word or the group of words that encourage users to take an immediate action that webmaster wants them to take. For instance – Call Now or Click here, etc.

Your readers won’t take any action themselves until you enforce them. They won’t subscribe your blog or share it.

You have to ask them to do that.

A call to action is important if you want people participate on your blog and share your content with their friends.

Even if you are using subscription forms, you should also use CTA in your content. People usually ignore your CTA on the sidebar, because of growing banner ads.

Here are some quick examples of call to action that you can use in your blog:

  • Learn more – This one is old but still useful
  • See how it works
  • Tweet this CTAs
  • Leave your comment in the comment section
  • Let us know about your thought and suggestion
  • Click here to find out more

You can also generate your own CTA. You should always try to include at least 2-3 unique CTA in your blog post.

#6. Dare to Give your best stuff for Free

Giving away you best stuff for free is the best way to earn loyalty, respect and genuine readers.

Everyday marketers from all around the world hunting for the new ideas to increasing sale, they do meetings, do researches spend money on ads.

But their all efforts are becoming less effective because of the people’ changing behaviour. They lost in the crowd.

They need something new that works like a charm. It is providing free stuff.

When you offer your best stuff whether it is a tool, content, or tips for free to your readers the same time you earn their respect, and they become your loyal fan for forever.

Bloggers like Sue Ann, Jon Morrow, Darren Rowse, Jeff Bullas and Neil Patel always provide their best content, marketing tools and expert tips for free to their users.

That’s why they have a huge list of loyal fans.

Giving away your best work for free will return in the form of future customers.

#7. Be Consistent and Useful

Consistency is one of the most important things that many bloggers forget to do. You already know how difficult is to generate traffic to your website and get ranking. And, if you won’t be consistent; you will quickly loose your traffic and ranking.

A blogger who continually blog generates more traffic and subscriber than those who don’t do consistently blogging.

Publishing blog post everyday won’t be effective until it is useful for your audience.

If you focus on only producing regular content without adding value, it will be only wastage of time and money, and you will loose your audience.

So, be careful when you are generating content on a regular basis. Don’t publish a blog post which has nothing for your audience.

#8. Keep Patience and Give it Some Time

You, my friend, if you are serious about blogging then you have to keep patience and give it some time. Blogging isn’t for the impatient people.

The web is a full of crowd and a noisy place, and you won’t be successful until you are willing to give a good amount of time and energy to the blogging than others.

If you are looking for quick success and return on investment (ROI), then blogging is a wrong path for you.

But if you remain in the blogging for years without being afraid of failure, expecting quick results, and consistently learning, then you can do something amazing like Neil Patel, Jon Morrow and other successful bloggers.

You may already know this quote “Rome wasn’t built in a Day.”

That’s true for blogging also.

#9. Write Catchy Titles

A title decides your blog post journey. A magnetic title can turn visitors into readers, and a bad title can cause you loose audience for forever.

Writing great content isn’t enough until it has a compelling title that your readers can’t resist but click.

A title is what sell your content and also describe your blog post in the search engine.

Even though knowing that a title is important for your article most people ignore it. They only focus on the creating content and expect it will rank.

But they are wrong.

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 will click a title, but only 2 of 10 will read the rest.

Here some useful tips to write catchy titles that readers can’t stop themselves to click:

  • Use Numbers in the title. List based titles still perform well.
  • Challenge – People love challenges. Use challenging words in your title.
  • Keep is short and sweet.
  • Cheat – Yes cheat, get title ideas from other sites like viralnova.com and buzzfeed.com, etc.
  • Use technology – There several free online title generator tools are available, you can use any of them.

Once you learn how to write a catchy headline you can increase your content sharing.

Final thought!

Smart bloggers haven’t any special power. The things that differentiate you and they are, they work with proper blogging strategies.

There are lots of blogging advice available online. You don’t need to follow them all. Some of them might not work for you.

If you have just started blogging, and worried about how to skyrocket your blog. Then you should definitively apply these above mentioned blogging tips.

Now it’s your turn to share your blogging hacks. What blogging tips you have to share with us?

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  5. Great post! The headline caught my eye so I had to read this post. All your points were valid and very useful.

    I learned from your post maybe I do have to mention my call to action more than once to get more subscribers. Again thanks for sharing this value-packed post that’s definitely going to elevate my blogging. Take care.

  6. Hi Darrell,

    I am glad you liked my post. I am always willing to learn from anyone and anywhere. There are many person who can teach us good blogging skills.

    Umesh Singh

  7. Hi Umesh,

    That was really worth reading guide. Certainly, those are the points which a blogger should focus on. Indeed it’s all about understanding the reader’s behavior. Now here my take away was “Call to action” button. Without hesitating, I would like to agree with you and realized that I need to work on it so straight away I am going to change that first on my website.

    Thanks for spreading the value!

  8. Awesome post, Umesh! I feel that the sixth and seventh hacks in your posts are the most important.

    It’s harder to make an impression with your audience if you’re up against equally great bloggers. However, by giving something of value for free, you show to readers that you’re more than willing to get the extra effort to help them with their problems. Therefore, taking that extra step to give the audience more than they deserve is something that ALL newbie bloggers should do!

    Of course, this won’t happen if you don’t have the disciple to create valuable content (giveaways or not) and interacting with your users on a consistent basis. People don’t trust people whom they can’t depend on, and you need to show to them that you deserve that trust. Posting on your blog regularly and reaching out to them via email are steps that will help you earn the respect of people.

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