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Ever wondered how bloggers write viral blog post that get tons of shares, likes, and comments?

Whereas, some never get a single comment or share?

Do they have any power or they know how to make a blog post go viral?

Of course, they do!

I know you are excited to know, what is that secret of creating a viral blog post?

Wait! I will explain everything step-by-step to create a viral blog post.

First, What Does Go Viral Blog Post Mean?

Viral aka ‘virus’ just it spread one from another same happen with the viral blog post.

A viral blog post is a piece of content that gets thousands of comments, social media shares, and likes from the real people from over the world.

Since the rise of social media every day, hundreds of posts go viral on the internet.

Following are the types of content that goes viral on the web:

  • Funny content
  • Controversial topics
  • Trendy Topic like (Politics, War, etc.)
  • Emotional content
  • Unique and useful articles that effect people’s life

You may ask, why should I care about viral blog post?

What is the benefit if my article becomes viral?

To give you the answer of these questions I have listed some benefits of viral blog post:

  • Your website’s ranking will boost up in the search results
  • You will be a recognize as PRO blogger
  • Authority sites will approach you to write for them
  • Your website will get high-quality natural backlinks
  • You’ll be able to make money online with blogging

The Secrets to Write a Viral Blog Post

viral blog post

Is there any secrets available that you can use to write a viral blog post?

Sad to say, but there is not single action that you can take guarantee to make your blog post go viral.

However, if you combine

It is a combination of multiple strategies, if you follow those blog post creation rules, the probability of getting success increased.

Without further ado let’s get is started…

#1. Know your audience and respect them

respect your audience

The first rule of creating a viral blog post is to know who you are writing for?

Writing a blog post without knowing your audience is similar to shooting in the dark and expecting to hit the target.

Many bloggers make this deadly mistake, they start a blog and create content without knowing who is their audience and what they problem.

I ask you, would care about a blog post if it has nothing to do with you unless it is providing some value to you?

Of course, you wouldn’t.

Same thing happens with readers when bloggers write articles without providing any value or information to them.

Does it make sense?

A person visits a website or reads a blog post to get knowledge, to find a solution to a particular problem or entertainment, etc.

If your site fails to provide the information they are looking for, they will look for it somewhere else.

It’s your duty to find out what exactly your audience is looking for and how can you help him.

#2. Find a trendy topic that touch people’s heart

If you write a blog post on a trendy topic the chances are high that people will like it and share.

Trendy topic is like a hot cake that everyone like taste first.

How to find a trendy topic?

One of the best ways to find a hot topics is to look at your competitors’ popular posts. If those topics have worked for them, it will work for you as well.

Otherwise, you can create your own blog topic that touch people’s heart.

Jon Morrow did this when he wrote this epic blog post ‘How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World‘ on Problogger.

This post went viral on the internet and got over 3000 social media shares, 439 comments and still going on.

I know you are not Jon Morrow who can write a viral blog post any time like he did last year when he posted his first article on his new blog and it got viral like a fire without any promotion.

7 Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face

You don’t need to worry you can generate your own viral blog post ideas and write a blog post around it.

In case, if you are unable to find unique blog ideas, you can use topic generator tools.

Luckily, there are several online topic generator tools available that you can use to find a trendy topic:

#3. Write a catchy title with purpose

The title plays very important role to make a blog post viral.

Title is the first sentence that readers notice and decide if they should click it or not.

If the title of your blog post is not attractive and meaningful, the chances are low that your post will go viral.

You should spend some extra minutes to craft a title.

Jon Morrow spends 20 hours to create a title.

There are some rules to craft a title that grabs reader’s attention:

  • Useful – A great title always shows user’s benefits in it. Make sure it is solving a particular problem of users.
  • Unique – A title always should be unique. How will you know if your title is unique? Put your title in double quotes (“title”) and search in Google. If it already appears in search then change it.
  • Make it Specific – Write a title that describes your primary purpose clearly and distinctly. For Example – 7 Blog Writing Tips that Engage Readers till The Last.

I guess you are a good title creator, but if you aren’t you can take help of online title generators:

Note : Your title should convey a message as an advertisement within 5-6 words.

#4. Be useful and informative

be useful

People loves to share informative and helpful content with their friends and family.

Everybody loves life hacks such as space saving ideas, 15 ways to use your old t-shirt, etc.

When you think to write a viral blog post that people share and comment.

The first thing you need to do is brainstorm the following questions before you start writing a blog post:

  • How your post going to help them?
  • How can you add value in their lives, find their pain point and solve them?
  • Have they got any problem?
  • Do they have questions?

Find the answer of the above questions and provide answer to your audience through your blog post.

Be useful, be inspiring, be motivational, whatever can help them do that.

You might already know this phrase. “Content is king.”

Somehow it is true but only if it’s helpful otherwise it is the waste.

#5. Focus on your reader

focus on your reader

It might hurt you but the truth is your audience doesn’t care about you unless they see benefit from your side.

People will only share your content if it is about them or offering something valuable.

They only care about themselves and read content, if it has something important or it is about them.

You might be focusing on yourself while writing blog posts and think that everyone see the same that you do.

But they don’t.

People will not hear you and pay attention until you help them to see what you see.

Show that you care about them. It will improve your credibility and respect in their heart.

#6. Write a killer blog post

I guess now you have understood the basic rules of blog post creation, it is the time to write a viral blog post.

Remember, when you write a blog post, make sure your ideas are flowing in a natural way.

Your title matters most to make a viral post.

Eight out of ten will see your title but only two actually clicks on it and read.

Make your title attractive. Be sure your points are clear and intelligent not confusing.

How to write a compelling blog post?

Writing a beautiful blog post is not so hard as it looks. All you need is to use your creative mind and follow some blogging writing tips:

  • Make them see what you see – Use anything that put your audience in the right direction to see what you see. Whether it is case studies, infographics, storytelling, descriptions, etc.
  • Make it personal – When anything is personal, it instantly grabs attention.
  • Use Emotion – Emotion brings clarity to your message and make it personal. It provides a motive to the people to talk about your blog post and share your content.
  • Ask A Question – Ask your readers about their opinion about your blog post topic. For example – What do you think about blogging’s future? You can also start your opening paragraph with a question.

#7. Use creative images and videos

visual process faster than text

Do you know a human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text-based information?

Images and videos increase the probability to make a blog post viral.

Why should you use visuals in your blog post?

  • Visual encourages people to share your content
  • Images perform better on social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Photos and videos show real details that encourage people to buy the product
  • Visuals are the best way to show your brand and business

#8. Don’t just sit after publishing, promote it


You have just published your blog post and expect it will go viral. Right?


Your blog wouldn’t walk itself to the readers.

It’s your duty to send it to the right person. Many bloggers make this silly mistake that they don’t promote their article and expect their blog post will go viral itself.

Remember, writing a great blog post won’t be enough to make a viral blog post until people reads it.

How to promote your blog post?

Once you have published your blog post, now it’s time to promotion.

Following are some blog post promotion tactics, you can use to promote your content:

  • Guest post on popular websites in your niche
  • Share your blog post on social media platforms
  • Share your article with your family and friends
  • Blog comment on popular sites in your niche
  • Send email to your existing readers and friends

Pro-tip – Don’t use any black hat methods to promote your blog post such as using software for blog commenting, buying likes and shares, etc.

#9. Respond every comment

Responding to comments on your blog post is your duty whether it is a positive or negative comment.

If the comment is positive say thanks and ask for visiting your blog again.

But, if you got some negative comment don’t delete that instead explain what readers want to know.

Replying to comments make a healthy relationship with bloggers and his audience.

If you treat your readers as a friend, they will reward you with shares, comments, and likes.

Final Thoughts!

I can’t take guarantee but hope after using these tactics you could be able to write viral blog post. But you should not expect that every post you will write will be a viral blog post.

It happens once is a while, you can’t say which blog post will go viral. But, you can increase your chances using these tips.

So, what are you waiting for? Get up from your seat and write your next viral blog post using these tactics.

Please leave a comment and tell me what how do you create a viral blog post? Or what methods do you use to make a viral blog content?

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5 thoughts on “Viral Blog Post: How Pro Bloggers Write Blog That Goes Viral”

  1. Oftentimes, marketers end up writing a good content but underestimate the promotion part. If the promotion and marketing go wrong, everything will fail. Perhaps, this is the reason it is necessary to promote the blog post to as many places as possible.

  2. Hi Umesh, I love your tips here. I had been using co-schedule headline analyzer and wasn’t aware of the others out there. I may toy with the rest of the them. Thank you.
    I don’t think there is one thing you can do to make a post go viral – it’s like a secret sauce, you can do it hundreds of times but only one will come out really special. Practice may be one of the keys and the ways in which you share your posts too.
    One thing to remember is if your post does go viral, do you have enough hosting power to keep your site up? A good problem to have!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. You raised a valid point that I didn’t think when I wrote this post. A weak hosting can’t handle the massive traffic that will come after the post goes viral. So, every blogger who is willing to make his post viral need a powerful hosting plan.

    Keep visiting. 🙂

    Umesh Singh

  4. Hey Umesh,

    Glad to read your amazing post! I totally agree with your whole points. One of the hardest parts of blogging is consistently coming up with engaging and relevant topics to write about. Blogs can maximize traffic to our website, establish company’s expertise, and provide useful content that will keep people coming back time and again. But in a sea of blog posts that may come up with every search, it only makes sense to strive for the best possible headlines for blog posts.

    There are lots of blog articles published each day, many of which may even cover our topic area. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get readers. We just need turn our focus to making sure that we have a great headline. We need to be sure to use topic keywords in our headline will help our blog post rank better on Google, as well as make it clear to readers what we’ll be discussing in our post. Eventually, thanks for exploring.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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