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Have you ever tried to find out why even after following expert blog writing tips and blogging advice you found online, audience engagement on your website is still low?

What could be the reason of low audience engagement?

Why do readers bounce back from your blog post without spending enough time?

Is it the design of your blog or the titles that are not good enough to attract the readers and make them stay?

There could be several factors that affecting your blog audience engagement and readership.

Starting a blog is easy.

The challenging part is writing a great blog post that has the power to convert the readers into subscribers and customers.

Why do you need creative blog writing tips and tricks?

You might already know some blog writing tips and tricks that you were using till date.

But, from now on, I request you to put those generic blog writing tips aside. Instead, I will show you some creative blog writing tips and tricks that has worked for me and I’m damn sure it will work for you as well.

To be a successful blogger, you need to know how to write a blog entry that hooks your readers.

And, similar to other skills you can be a master in it, but only if you spend enough time to  practice writing and improve your blogging skills.

In this post, you will learn how to write a perfect blog post that engages your readers till the end without bothering them.

#1. Generate unique blog topic ideas that hook readers


You know why most bloggers fail?

It is not because they don’t know how to write a blog post but because they choose the wrong topic.

The topic decides your blog post’s journey.

If you write on a common subject that people can easily find on the web chances are they will not show their interest in your blog post.

On the other hand, if you write on a hot topic or something new, and trendy that people couldn’t easily find on the web, they will automatically show more interest in it.

The idea of your blog post must be unique.

However, If you can’t find a unique blog post ideas on the internet, don’t be disheartened!

You can generate your own idea.

For example – Let’s say you are writing a blog post on how to cook brown rice. In that case, writing about the cooking brown rice recipe isn’t simply enough.

Instead, you should write a step-by-step guide about how to cook brown rice in 7 styles.

Sounds great?

This is how you can generate your own ideas to represent the generic topics to your audience.

Following are the some tips to generating your outstanding blog topics:

  • Read the comments on your blog post and see what your audiences want to know
  • Read your competitors’ blog posts and check for what their audiences are talking about
  • Write on an already known problem in your niche
  • Search your target keywords in Google and check the top five posts. See what the writers have written and how you can write better than them.

#2. Write a catchy headline that grab readers eyeballs

Obviously, it is a very common but successful blog writing tips that many bloggers fail to use it right.

Your title is the first, and maybe the only impression you make on your aspiring readers.

After finding the blog post idea, the next step is to write a catchy headline that attracts the readers.

Write a catchy headline that grab readers eyeballs

Without a compelling title (which turns a visitor into a reader) your entire blog post’s content is a waste.

Thus, from a blogging standpoint, writing an awesome title is critical to the success of a blog.

On an average, eight out of ten readers will read the title but only two out of ten will read the rest. That is why a title is important, and you should take extra care when you are framing it.

Remember, every word you write in your blog has just one purpose — to get the next sentence read. And, then the sentence after that, and so on.

So, if the reader stops at the title, you have lost the shot.

Now the question is, how to write a catchy title that grabs the reader’s attention.

Below are some of the tips that you can use to develop a catchy title:

  • Point out the main problem in your title — use words that make your readers afraid or warn them, or simply ask them questions
  • Keep your title under 65 characters
  • Use your main keyword at the beginning of the title
  • Write at least ten titles for a single blog post and pick the best one
  • You can use other blogs as a reference for title ideas; my favorite references are Magazine.com, Cracked.com, Buzzfeed, and Copyblogger, etc.

#3. Write a compelling introductory paragraph

introductory paragraph

After reading the title, the first sentence that the reader encounters is the introductory paragraph.

Like a first date, your opening paragraph should be fascinating at the first sight and should make a good first impression on the reader’s mind!

In the beginning, explain your primary objective in the paragraph. So, the reader quickly understands if he/she is digging for the right thing inside your blog post.

The first line of the paragraph should re-address the main problem which you have promised in the title. And, the rest of the introduction should naturally flow.

Successful blog writers, whatever blog writing tips they follow they always write engaging introductory paragraph keeping their readers in mind from the very first sentence.

They remember the tone, delivery of information and the ways to get into the readers’ mind.

Here are some key points you need to keep in mind when you are writing the introduction paragraph of your blog post:

  • Keep your first sentence short, a 6-7 sentence is enough
  • Avoid opening with a dictionary definition
  • Avoid repeating a title
  • Make it personal and use the word “YOU” once or more than once
  • Refer to a concern or a known problem your readers might have

The introduction paragraph is difficult to write, and writing an effective one takes time and practice.

Sometimes, you might have to re-write it several times before the finalizing one.

But, it’s all worth in the end if it makes the readers stay at the blog post.

#4. Jot down the main points

This one is one of the best blog writing tips for SEO purpose, I use to write down the structure of my blog post.

And, I would advice you do the same, your blog post should cover the whole idea that you want people to know.

In order to write a fantastic blog post you need to make sure that every information flows in the right way.

Writing a quality and detailed blog post takes a lot of time. To make it easier and faster, you should list down all the points which are needed before writing such as target keywords, statistics, additional resources links, etc.

Listing down the main points indicates how your blog post will look like after completion.

jot down the main points

You can clearly view what you are going to describe in your blog post.

You can also eliminate the cliches that don’t make any sense.

#5. Collect helping resources to add more weight on your article

Your personal ideas aren’t enough to make a blog post go viral and informative unless you are Jon Morrow. 😉

You will hardly find an original content on the internet.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to represent everything in your blog post even you remember the expert blog writing tips, you learned before.

That’s why, it’s helpful to link some additional resources for more details and credibility.

Hyperlinking to the other blog posts or web pages in your article will improve page views, search engine visibility, and reduce the bounce rate.

If you are predicting something in your blog post such as: ‘How long will blogging go in next five years?’ – then simply provide the link of the page that proves it is true.

Collect all the information that you want to link in your post before you start writing.

This is bound to save your time.

#6. Add supportive images to make it visually appealing

Having an image in your blog post make it visually appealing and attractive to the readers.

I agree with the above quote and you should too.

Using the right image in your content will help the readers to understand what the post is all about without even reading a single word.

Here are some of the facts that indicates the importance of images in your blog posts:

  • Articles with images get 94% more views than those which don’t have any images
  • 60% of the clients show interest in considering or contacting a business when an image shows up in the local search results
  • In e-commerce, 67% the users stated that quality pictures of the product help them choose the product easily

Images also help you to get lots of traffic from the image search engines.

image infographic

Image Source MDGadvertising.com

How to add images in your blog post?

Remember, images are important to your blog but that doesn’t mean you can include any image without having any relation with your content.

The images that you get through the Google search engine, mostly have their copyrights.

Therefore, you must not use them!

After all, stealing someone’s images without their permission is illegal.

Make sure to you use your own pictures and if you are using someone else images give them proper credit.

There are several photo editing tools available online which you can use to create your own images.

Canva is my favorite free image editing tool.

If you don’t want people to use your pictures; you can use this plugin. It will add watermark in your images.

Consider Pixabay or Flickr, if you are looking for free, high-quality images for your blog or website.

#7. End your story with a call-to-action


Do you know why don’t you have enough subscribers even after publishing great content?

Because you were missing one of the important factor of effective blog writing tips.

You know what is that important blogging writing factor?

That is a CTA (call-to-action.)

Whether it is a blog or website content, CTA is one essential thing for online content.

What is a call to action?

A call-to-action ( CTA ) is a single word or a group of words (Call now, Visit us here, Subscribe, etc.) It encourages users to take an action that you want them to take.

Some of the common call-to-actions are that you might have seen before or used yourself:

Download – If you want people to download your whitepaper, how-to- guide or software, use a CTA with a download button. It will be compelling CTA.

Subscribe – If you have a blog, and you are not using a subscribe CTA button, you are missing out on your future readers. You should add subscribe now button on several places at your website. You can use free tool Sumo Me or Hellobar to increase your subscribers.

Share Now – You might already know how social media has become a powerful marketing tool today. If you are not using social media plugins in your website, you are losing lots of traffic that comes from social media.

Learn More – If you want to redirect your visitors from one page to another, you should use Learn More CTA.

Buy Now! – Suppose, you are organizing an event and want the people to attend it, how will you make them purchasing the ticket? Of course, by using Buy Now CTA!

Final Thoughts!

I agree, writing an epic blog post is not an easy task but it is not impossible, too.

Gradually, you can gain mastery in writing by practicing and following the above blog writing tips.

After all, they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

To be an PRO blogger you have learn how to implement these creative blog writing tips and be a master in blog writing!

Writing a unique and quality blog post matter a lot. The above mentioned blog writing tips will help you to improve the user experience and SEO of your blog post.

Leave a comment and let us know what expert blog writing tips you would like to share with my audience?