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Whether you are a blogger, marketer, or a small business owner, you can’t underestimate the power of video marketing.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at these stats:

  • 87% of online marketers use video content according to Outbrain.
  • Including a video in email can increase click-through rate up to 200-300% (by Forrester)
  • 45.4 percent of users viewed at least one video online over the course of a month (by ComScore)
  • 36% of online consumers say they trust on video ads according to NIELSEN Wire
  • Mobile video consumption rises 100% every year according to report published by YouTube

Impressive, isn’t it? (I told you already.)

Creating quality content is quite challenging, and it becomes even tougher when you don’t have writing skills like pro and technical expertise that require producing engaging content.

Video blogs are a perfect way to deal with it; it doesn’t only market your content but also connects with your customers and ultimately increases your conversions.

You probably are thinking if that’s the case, what could be better than starting with YouTube?

After all, YouTube is the second most popular social media site after Facebook having one billion monthly active users.

YouTube Stats

If you currently own a YouTube channel, the first question that you might have is how to get more YouTube subscribers free, and how can I increase the reach of my YouTube videos?

Whether it’s a video of someone performing a prank, or a video of a tech expert, offering a review of a gadget. YouTube is the best platform for video consumption and making some easy money online.

4 million YouTube Videos views per day that unquestionably make it a platform to be considered by those who are looking for some online marketing and publicity.

YouTube is a right platform for bloggers to establish a personal connection with their followers by offering the solution they expect from them.

A blogger needs to use this social media giant in a way that brings massive traffic from YouTube.

To make it possible, either you can buy YouTube subscribers (I wouldn’t recommend that) and grow your YouTube channel or learn how to get YouTube subscribers free.

Step-By-Step Guide to Get More YouTube Subscribers Free in 2017

You might already have read hundreds of article about how to get YouTube subscribers free online.

Trust me most of them are totally [email protected]#t. But, you don’t need to be disappointed.

I am not going to make you read another junk post.

In today’s post, I will show you some secret recipes that will help you get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers free without even spending a single penny.

All you have to do is implement those techniques right, and you will get the result that you wish for.

#1. Build a plan (and script) for your videos

Before you move a single step on the journey of getting your first 1000 YouTube subscribers free, you have to be clear in your mind, what content you are going to provide on your YouTube channel.

Then you need a plan the structure of the videos.

Just close your eyes and recall all those things you are passionate about. And choose the best task that you can do for several hours without getting tired.

Once you find your true passion, the second step is to focus on developing related skills.

Caution: Don’t try to copy others YouTubers. You may take ideas from trending YouTube channels, but copying is dangerous.

I love this quote of Oscar Wilde:

This phrase always reminds me what I am capable of doing.

To improve videos performance, you must write a script. Scripts help you manage your videos efficiently and keeping you on track. Moreover, it helps you stay on track without diverting off to an unrelated topic.

Before your start writing your video script you must keep the following points in your mind:

  • What are the pieces of information you are going to provide?
  • What actions will include in your video
  • The most important points you need to emphasize
  • Any important CTA(call-to-action) such as click on this link, subscribe to my channel, etc.

Furthermore, research about your target audience and their needs before your writing scripts for videos.

To do that you may start with the following questions:

  • Are they tech savvy?
  • Is English not their first language?
  • Are they smart enough to understand your video content?
  • What is their expertise level compare to yours?
  • What kind of videos do they prefer funny, informative, or any other formats?

Do a proper research to identify who your target audience is and then find the right language.

#2. Produce highly engaging content

I don’t think I need to tell you this but to get closer to your first 1000 YouTube subscribers free challenge, you need to provide content that is high-quality, engaging, informative, and entertaining.

The content you are providing in your video shouldn’t lose hook at any place duration in the video, especially in the middle of the video. If it happens it will cost you a lot of viewers.

The content that provides great results either is entertaining OR informative. This is a simple but effective formula that fits in any type of content marketing.

In my experience, I have seen videos that inform and entertain, usually the most successful.

The best example of a successful entertaining video is Charlie Bit My Finger.

The 56-second-long video has received over 846 million views.

I don’t mean that you only publish entertaining videos.

In other words, I suggest you upload a combination of seasonal and evergreen videos.

Seasonal videos will be in demand for a limited time, getting you instant hits, but there comes a time when people won’t be interested in watching them.

On the other hand, Evergreen videos are the ones that will get you massive views and will remain same for a longer period.

If you can’t afford a high-quality video recording camera, you can make a video using your smartphone if it has a good quality camera.

In a word, whatever you do, make sure your videos are high quality and engaging that provides value to your audience otherwise you’ll hardly get 100 YouTube subscribers free in your first month.

#3. Stick with your video uploading schedule

I guess, this part shouldn’t be hard.

Before we discuss this point further; I have a question for you.

What makes you subscriber a YouTube channel?

Let me answer for you.

Two possible reasons that increase a YouTube channel’s sub count are:

First, the publisher produces high-quality and engaging videos that viewers love to watch and they want more videos like that.

Second, the publisher has a fix video publishing schedules that make him able to keep up with his subscribers’ demands.

Now let’s get back to the main point video uploading schedule.

Why should you stick with your video uploading schedule and how it will help you get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers free?

YouTube viewers don’t show much interest in channels that produce content occasionally. People in the digital age have become more demanding when it comes to entertainment, information, and more knowledge.

If you want to be in the race, you have to fulfill that demands.

Consistency is the key to developing a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers.

consistency quote

Whatever is your video publishing schedule make sure you stick with it.

Whether you publish, videos once in a week or two in a month but do that consistently, that is the only way is getting more views on YouTube and getting closer to your 1000 first YouTube subscribers free.

Just like your favorite TV shows broadcast every week at the same time.

This is how TV shows increase their viewers on a regular basis.

Avoid getting off with your schedule it will cost you subscribers as well as hurt your reputation.

#4. Optimize your titles with your target keyword

If you want your videos to get noticed, you have to stand out from the crowd.

What I mean to say is make your YouTube videos headline outstanding and includes your target keyword in it.

Make sure your videos’ name is offbeat that enhance curiosity of your viewers to click on it. This way you’ll be able to get YouTube subscribers free fast.

To get the maximum out of it, you have to focus on YouTube SEO.

Here are some pieces of advice for optimizing your YouTube titles for a better result:

Use the keyword in the title – It should be at least 5-words long. You can use your target keyword in the title to avoid keyword stuffing. The reason to do this is, crawler don’t watch videos they read the title of the video.

Similar like a blog post title try to use your keyword at the beginning of the title.

Let’s say your target keyword is “Learn Guitar.” You may write a title like: “Learn Guitar: How To Play it Like A PRO.”

Find the keyword that people are searching to find your video. Jump over to the Google Adwords and put your main keyword there and see what comes high volume searches but low competition.

Make the video title descriptive.

It allows the audience to understand what the video will be about.

Avoid using useless words in the title like “Video.” It won’t help you in any way instead cover a space.

You can also use online title generators to write video titles.

#5. Customize your channel with your personal touch

If you want to leave a strong effect on visitor’s mind and make them trust your brand on YouTube, you have to customize your YouTube channel that provides a professional look.

See how a YouTube channel with personal touch looks like:

Brian Dean YouTube Channel

Represent yourself as a professional to your viewers they will respect and trust you.

Make sure you use the same profile image on your YouTube channel that you are using on other social profiles and blog you own.

It helps viewers to remember you easily when they see your YouTube channel.

Use a custom background header that reminds users of your blog.

Fill all the necessary information in your YouTube channel bio. Try to make a custom URL.

Keep it short writing BIO for YouTube channel, make sure you add blog’s URL in the video description for providing more value.

#6. Upload a personalize video thumbnails for YouTube videos

This is what professional YouTube publishers do. They create a personalized video thumbnail for each video they publish instead of using one that YouTube randomly generates.

video thumbnail

A well-written annotation with custom thumbnail increase will increase your videos’ CTR (click through rate.)

A custom video thumbnail with short annotations lets users know what your video is all about.

#7. Attract visitors with an engaging channel trailer

YouTube has a feature name channel trailers that automatically plays when you visit a YouTube channel.

Make sure your channel trailer has the video that attracts visitors to your YouTube channel.

You get only a few seconds to catch your audience’s attention.

The ideal channel trailer falls in between 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

The video you use in channel trailer should send a strong message to your potential subscribers and make them clear why they have to stay on your channel, what benefit they are going to get.

It would be better if you record a short video of yourself telling people about your YouTube channel. Doing that you will make visitors trust you.

You can check the viewer retention rates in YouTube’s Channel Reports, to get a quick idea how well your channel trailer video is performing.

#8. Make use of ‘Call to Action’ annotations


While watching YouTube videos, you might have noticed some popup occurs middle in the video.

Those popups are ‘Call to action’ annotations’ if you use them right you get more subscribers by forcing your visitors to click them during the video.

Many YouTubers have seen increased channel subscriptions using annotations to their videos.

Change the generic subscription text into as a call to action in your video.

Here are a few calls to action to try (and when).

The “learn more” CTA (call-to-action) – When people are watching an informative video, they might want to find out more about that topic. Using a learn more annotations will let them subscribe your channel for more videos like in that in future.

The “sign up” CTA (call-to-action) – On the other hand, if you are reviewing some product that viewers find out useful. If you don’t have an official opt-in, you can always use this point to ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

#9. Get the right tools for YouTube

There are lots of awesome YouTube tools available online. You can use those tools to make videos, promote your videos, and even increase your organic viewership.

The more organic traffic come to your YouTube channel the more YouTube subscribers you will get.

If you ask me for my favorite YouTube tool, I will name of TubeBuddy, the best tool for YouTube marketing.

Here what experts has to say about TubeBuddy:

TubeBuddy review

Using TubeBuddy, you can find more viewers, make more money, and automate your complete YouTube process.

Following are some additional tools you can use for YouTube:
YouTube Capture for iPhone/iPad
TechCrunch- Super Chat: Make Money with Live Streams
Famebit (To find sponsorship for your YouTube videos)

#10. Allow the people to find you

YouTube provides a subscribe button for linking to your official web page if you use that right you can gain more YouTube subscribers free.


Using this button, you can increase your subscription growth from other sources. Furthermore, your channel will leave a good impact on your brand on YouTube.

You’ll find an option to add your website/blog URL to your channel under the channel settings of your YouTube page.

Likewise, you may add a ‘Subscribe’ button somewhere on your blog post that is related to YouTube to drive more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

#11. Keep your video length under 5 minutes

According to a study held by Comscore in 2014, they found the average length of most videos available on YouTube was around 4.4 minutes.

Take it as a good sign if you are a beginner YouTube video blogger.

Similar to text-based articles, longer videos rank better.

So make sure your video be at least 5 minutes long in length.

I have seen longer videos outranking shorter videos in YouTube and Google search.

For instance: When I searched “Start a Blog” on YouTube. Out of seven, six videos were over ten minutes long.

YouTube video length

That’s a clear indication your video should be at least five minutes long.

If you have something valuable to say, you can make videos over five minutes; people will still like to watch it.

Though, it’s hard to make videos under five minutes, but it’s worth to try.

#12. Make An Attractive YouTube Introduction

YouTube intro works like a charm if use it right. It is similar to the entrance theme song of a WWE wrestler when he enters the ring.

The audiences know who is the coming to the ring. YouTube intro does the same for your video when a viewers see it he knows who’s video is about to play.

It doesn’t only helps in branding but also make your videos more engaging.

Having an intro in video shows, you are a professional and dedicated to your work.

Furthermore, an attractive intro keeps your audiences engage to the rest of the video.

Here is an excellent example of YouTube intro.

Similar to intro you should also use an outro and ask for your viewers opinions that how was the video if they like it, request them subscribe to your YouTube channel.

#13. Edit your videos passionately

I am a big believer of perfection. I don’t publish a single post until I am satisfied with the content quality.

I am not the only one who does this, but all professional do the same they don’t post a video or a piece of content until they satisfied with their work.


Once you are done with your video, give enough time to editing. Editing takes more time than creating a video, but at the end, it pays off.

Don’t stick with your video publishing schedule if you’re unable to provide the value to your viewers. It won’t help you grow your YouTube channel but cost you subscribers.

Do as much as retake is possible to make a perfect video that your audience like to watch and share.

Additional Read: How to Edit Video on YouTube

#14. Optimize your video descriptions for SEO purpose

When you are in the way of to be the fastest growing YouTube channel and getting your first 1000 YouTube subscriber free, you can’t chance to ignore the YouTube SEO especially video descriptions.

As you already know search engines don’t watch the video, but they read the video descriptions and title to identify what is the video all about.

Writing video descriptions also helps to your potential viewers to know about your video content.

Similar to the title also use your target keyword in the description, but don’t do keyword stuffing.

Here is a smart video description from one of the Brain Dean’s video.

video description

Google has become smart enough in recent years to make it fool. So, don’t you dare to cheat by inserting your keywords multiple time in the description. If you will get caught your video ranking will affect in the search results.

Thus, be wise and avoid that kind of situation and use your keyword naturally where it makes sense.

#15. Make your videos’ ending memorable

Whether you publish an entertaining video or a tech video, make sure the end of your videos stuck in your audiences’ mind.

Just like the ending dialogue before curtain falls.

At the end of your video ask your viewers to subscribe your YouTube channel.

Remember, they don’t know what do after watching your video unless you tell them.

It’s your duty to ask viewers to subscribe your YouTube channel, like your videos, and share on social media.

Always try to end your video with the desire or curiousity.

#16. Create a Win-Win situation with fellow YouTubers

Promoting your YouTube channel free is possible if you connect with fellow YouTubers and ask them to introduce your channel with their viewers and return you offer the same.

Lets say you have a YouTube channel where you review the HAIR PRODUCTS, you can look for YouTubers who are offering similar types of service on their channel such as Makeup Tips, Hair Style Tips, etc.

Offer them a proposal to introduce your channel to their audience and say in return you will do the same.

It’s like creating a win-win situation where both gets benefits of FREE YouTube channel promotion.

Don’t see fellow YouTubers as a competitor instead make them friend and get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers free as much as possible.

#17. Engage with your loyal fans


You might have already some fans and followers on your YouTube channel. If yes, it’s time to interact with them and let them know how much you like them.

Make them realize you care about them, and they will care about you.

Often check the comments section of your videos and see what your audiences are talking about your videos, what are their questions?

Be gentle and respond each and every question your viewers ask in the comment section, whether it is positive or negative.

If it is positive take it as an appreciation and if it’s negative try to learn and improve.

Both will be in your favor. 🙂

#19. Offer giveaways and video challenges

youtube giveaway

Offering giveaways and video challenges is one of the creative ways to increase YouTube subscribers.

Everyone loves challenges and freebies. Doing so will add new subscribers to your YouTube channel.

You may offer one of the following freebies:

  • A new tech gadget
  • A branded t-shirt
  • A hosting subscription
  • A premium tool
  • A cool product
  • A new bike, etc.

Whatever you giveaway, your fans will love to participate in a challenge to win the prize for free. Chances are high they tell their friends and relatives too about it, especially, if the price of the item is great.

When you organize big giveaway ask people to follow all of your social media profiles to enter into the contest, this is a great approach build fan following.

#19. Jump over other platforms to promote your videos

cross promotion

Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to promote your YouTube channel and gain YouTube subscribers free.

Don’t just rely on the YouTube only, instead make your presence on multiple social platforms that will help you grab many eyeballs on your YouTube channel.

Make yourself available for people to find you, and be active on many major social media platforms, if your goal is to build a brand.

You should at least have a profile on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus. However, you can also look for other powerful social media sites such as Instagram, SnapChat, and all of the others.

If you aren’t able to handle all the social media channels by yourself, you can use social media automation tools.

Big brands do the same they make their presence on all major social platforms possible to expand theirs reach to potential audiences.

#20 Ask your friends to subscribe your YouTube channel

Do whatever it takes to get your first 1000 YouTube subscribers free as quickly as possible.

You can even ask your friends to subscribe your channel if they are interested. But don’t force them because if they aren’t interested, it won’t help you anyway.

Building a YouTube channel isn’t enough you have to go outside and hustle to make people subscribe your YouTube channel.

When you see the subscribers growth on your channel, it will motivate to work better and create better videos for your audience.

Final Thoughts!

If you apply the tips mentioned above correctly, you won’t have to pay for subscribers to grow your YouTube channel.

Here is something important you need to consider what works for others might not work for you.

Therefore, don’t copy them instead experiment with your strategy and see what works for best for you and move with that.

Be loyal to your fan and your brand.

Building a successful YouTube channel isn’t easy, it takes time. You’ll succeed but only if you’re consistent with right YouTube strategy.

What other strategies you have applied to get more subscribers on YouTube for free?

What methods would you suggest gaining more subscribers on YouTube?

Let us know how to get your channel noticed and increased youtube follower count.

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