How to Use Guest Blogging to Double your Traffic (Do it because Matt Cutts said you shouldn’t)

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This is the guest post by Iyiola Owabumowa.

Do you feel guilty?

Whenever you try to pitch your guest post, that fear kicks in.

Your mind begins to caution you, so you can make the best use of this opportunity.

You’d be damn sorry if you used this solely for search engine optimization.

You know that’s where the problem is.

The risk of getting your blog penalized.

And after all the efforts you put in your guest post, getting no result just gives you more chills.

The good news is, you can keep getting results that go off the charts.

And the bad news – you might upset Matt.

The second option comes to reality when you guest blog for SEO.

If you are already doing this and you’re not getting caught, that’s because you are invincible.

Looking at the brighter side, you can get your blog traffic off the ground without really thinking of the SEO benefits.

But how exactly do you that?

Guest Blogging is the answer.

It’s one of the fastest ways to get your work in front of your target audience after starting a blog.

The problem is, almost everyone you pitch will tell you this:

“Hi {Name}

Thank you so much for writing in, but I’m not accepting guest posts at the time.

I’ll be sure to contact you when we do accept guest posts.

Good luck!

{Influencer’s Name}

I’m 90% sure you’ve gotten that response before.

And it’s okay.

It’s just that most experts are biased!

If you go back to their blog, most of the time, you’ll see guest bloggers.

Then you feel betrayed afterward.

I totally know how you feel.

But you see, it’s not actually the fault of experts.

All they want is quality and someone who they know will deliver.

They want someone who can write and keep grinding more content day in, day out.

And you might have been beating yourself up because of your writing, which might not actually be the case.

Then why do you get rejected every single time?

There has to be a solution to this.

There has to be an answer.

Funny enough, the answer is simple.

You are not making yourself credible.

You need to make the expert you are pitching know that you have a great piece of value to offer.

Then you can work your way up the ladder and stop peeing the pool for others.

But the greatest question of all is, how do you make yourself credible and establish that first connection with the blogger you want to pitch?

How can you land multiple guest posts in one go without even thinking about it?

There are three steps involved, and I’ll take you through each of them

#1. Pitch a Fantastic Idea

These expert guys didn’t just become expert bloggers because they were born that way.

They are experts because they struggled.

They learned and mastered each and every part of their craft.

These guys know what they are doing.

To the point where they even blog in their heads.

It’s that possible.

These guys receive dozens of emails every 12 hours.

So to escape the trashcan will be sheer luck.

But most times, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can earn yourself a guest post by writing the best pitch on the planet.

But you’ll need to learn the anatomy of a pitch that gets accepted.

That’s your only guarantee – a pitch that cuts through all the noise.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Make sure you’ve had a kind of relationship with the expert you’re trying to pitch. (active sharing on social media, active blog commenting, thank you emails and other stuff like that)
  • Let the expert know you are familiar with their work.
  • Let the expert know you found one of their blog content extremely useful.
  • Let the expert know you’ve written great content for other great people or show some work on medium (if that’s your first guest post).
  • Give the expert varieties of topics to choose from.
  • Give valid reasons why one of your pieces is going to help their audience.
  • If you have social proof, let them know.
  • Let the expert know you are totally open to other suggestions.
  • Let the expert know you are credible.
  • Give the expert some time.

Here’s a pitch based on what I just listed above:

Hi {Expert’s Name}

I’m {Your name} from {Your Blog}, {What do you do?}

A couple of days ago I found your post {“Expert’s Post”} and it really helped me {achievement}

I shared it across {Social media platforms}

I love your work over at {Expert’s blog} and I wanted to find out if you do accept guest posts.

If yes, I’ve written these 3 topics as a consideration for a guest post on your blog:

Topic #1

Topic #2

Topic #3

I know at least one of these topics will be a good fit for {Expert’s Blog} because {Your crazily awesome reason} I just wanted to know how you feel about these topics.

And I’ll love it if you give me go-ahead to write either of these guest posts.

I’m sure your audience and {Your Social Proof} can’t wait to see what great content I have to deliver.

Just say the word and I’ll get started right away.

Thanks for your consideration,

{Your name}.

#2. Read the Mind of Your Audience

I know this point looks obvious.

But it isn’t.

“Read the mind of your audience” means “know the problems your audience is facing”.

It sounds boring.

But its implementation is what interests me the most in blogging.

For example, while you were reading this post, I’m sure you came across one or two things you were actually thinking about.

There were one or two things that got you nodding and you knew this was you I was actually talking about.

That’s exactly I mean by “read the mind of your audience”

After you get a go-ahead for your guest post, you won’t want to slack by writing a guest post that doesn’t apply to your market or your target audience.

You want to make them know that you’ve been in that tough position they are.

There are 3 principles I use to find out what my audience is going through:

#1. Your own experience

Like they say “experience is the best teacher”.

If you’ve actually faced a problem, use that problem in your guest post and position it as if it were your reader that had the same problem.

That’s how easy it can be.

#2. Use comment sections

Use your comment section and find out what keeps your audience up at night.

If you don’t have comments yet, you can use your competitor’s comment section and try to assimilate and understand where your audience is coming from and where they are heading to.

If this isn’t effective, then use the last point.

#3. Sneak into forums

Forums are the best places where I see people opening up to each other about problems.

They might be too shy or may feel embarrassed if they ask a question in the comment section.

Get the questions they ask there and use them in your guest post.

This, my friend, creates a “mind reading” illusion.

It’s a basic principle for building a tight relationship with your audience and it will definitely want to get them clicking to your site.

Continuing the credibility along the line

The basis of writing the perfect guest posts are what I’ve been talking about all this while.

It starts with the pitch.

After the pitch, you determine the success of your guest post.

It’s the rule of thumb to write a good pitch and write a quality article.

We all know that already.

But there’s one thing you still might not be getting right.

And that’s what I talked about in the beginning of this post.

That is credibility.

You might not even know the reason why you are writing a guest post.

But keep one thing in mind.

Do it for credibility.

You start a blog today, write awesome guest posts and boost your credibility.

Nothing more matters in the beginning.

I know SEO might be your priority.

But leave the SEO. It’ll come naturally when you guest blog.


I want you to guest blog because Matt Cutts says it’s useless for SEO.

Do guest blogging because people think it’s not effective.

Do it because you know you are building your credibility along the line.

We want to double our traffic by guest blogging.

We want to build relationships with our audience.

And most of all, we want to become revolutionary bloggers.

Nothing else matters in the beginning.

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Iyiola Owabumowa is the founder of The Income Blogger where he teaches bloggers to become revolutionary. You can get his new ebook Every Blogger Hustles where he gives you his top traffic secrets on how to grow your blog to 3000 Visitors from start to finish.
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    I begin by thanking you for hitting the nail on head for speaking about the most prevalent and obvious concern for bloggers like us who in our quest of doing guest blogging end up feeling de-motivated after knowing that the specific blog isn’t taking guest posts. Yes, you rightly talked about the need to be proficient as the blog owners want quality and that’s the reason, why they “usually” put up the signs signalling that they are actually not taking any “guest posts”.
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