9 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress [2023]

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

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Today, I’m going to show you the best WordPress social media plugins you can consider in 2023 for social sharing.

The popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is growing every day.

The question is:

How can you take advantage of social media networks for your business?

Use one of these WordPress social media sharing plugins:

What are the best WordPress social media sharing plugins?

Here is my top picks for WordPress social sharing plugins in 2023:



Novashare is a lightweight social sharing plugin that allows you to share your content on popular social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Novashare uses inline SVG icons that don’t affect your website speed. Additionally, the social count refresh uses a staggered approach that keeps API downdown to make it faster.

Key features are:

  • Click To Tweet
  • UTM tagging
  • Pinterest Pin Image

Novashare is easy to install and configure and even a newbie can set it up in a few seconds.

Novashare social sharing buttons are optimized for desktop and mobile. You can set the breakpoints to hide share buttons on a specific scroll point.

If you want to grow your social media followers you should use this easy to use this social sharing plugin.

Social Snap


Social Snap is the best WordPress social share plugin that supports more than 30 social networks.

Using the Social snap plugin you can place social buttons wherever you want on your website.

It provides with you several cool features for designing the buttons including shape, size, colors, labels, and even animations.

Moreover, Social snap API gets you the accurate social shares counts for all social networks – even if you change your URL.

There are tons of features available with premium version including auto posting and scheduling.

Best feature – you can lock your content that will appear after the user shares it on social media networks.

Social Warfare Plugin

Social Warfare Warfare Plugins

Social Warfare is an affordable social sharing WordPress plugin for blog that you can use to share your content on social media platforms.

It is a freemium social plugin – with a free plan you get basic features including floating bars.

You can customize the social buttons with limitations and place it wherever you want on your website.

The premium version unlocks its full features including Pin it button on images and gives you control over opengraph tags.

You can also track your share count with shortened links and UTM tagging. Furthermore, you can set up the username attributes that would appear with shares.

Key features

  • Easily can remove/add social networks with drag and drop feature
  • Twitter share count (that other sharing plugins hardly show)
  • Add share buttons on above and below the content
  • Floating button options
  • Sticky social icons
  • Support short links and analytics for tracking performance
  • Pin it button on images

Social Warfare plugin is the best social share plugin for WordPress which works on both mobile and desktop.

If you’re looking for a social sharing WordPress plugin that works on both mobile and desktop, Social Warfare is worth checking out.

Easy Social Share Plugin

Easy social share plugin is a premium WordPress social share plugin that offers multiple features that would help you take your social media marketing to the next level.

It is the best alternative to the Social Warfare plugin, after purchasing you can install it on multiple websites.

31000+ users from worldwide are using Easy social share plugin to share their content, grow followers and increase subscribers count.

Easy social share buttons are GDPR friendly that are easy to set up.

The best part?

Each Easy Social Share account comes with a lifetime license with automatic updates without any further cost – that means you don’t need to pay again and again.

Key features

  • Social share count
  • Subscribe to mailing list forms
    Instagram feed
  • FOMO notifications
  • Facebook messenger, Skype, Click to chat
  • Analytics and optimization tools
  • Can build your customized templates, share button, and display conditions

Easy Social Share is a perfect social share plugin to grow your social media profiles, followers, sales, and increase likes, etc.



If you’re looking for premium plugins for WordPress, then Monarch is what you need.

The plugin does more than providing you the social media sharing buttons. It will tell you the right place where you should place the button to get more social shares.

Monarch provides you the option to add sharing buttons on flight, which is rare. Fly-ins are generally used to collect email subscribers but you can consider this option for social media sharing as well.

Moreover, you can add sharing buttons on mobile websites. To install Monarch plugin, you’ll need to buy a license from Elegant themes that will provide you with other premium themes and plugins.

Key features

  • Supports 20+ social media plugins
  • Can add social sharing buttons on different placement
  • Automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers
  • Custom settings
  • Clean and customize design
  • Mobile optimized
  • 24/7 support


Jetpack sharing plugin

Jetpack is a popular WordPress plugin that comes by default when you install WordPress. It adds multiple cool and advanced features to your blog posts including the social sharing buttons.

You can simply activate the sharing module if you’re using the Jetpack plugin on your website.

To learn more about the active Jetpack social sharing module you can visit the official page.

Share Buttons by AddToAny

Add to Any Share Button

Share Buttons is an advanced social sharing plugin to integrate social media buttons on your website.

The social media plugin comes with a lot of customization options including the responsive social buttons that is a cool feature.

It supports over 100+ sharing buttons, however, you don’t need most of them. Additionally, it provides you multiple placement options.

The additional feature I like is you can track your social sharing activities using Google Analytics.

Sassy Social Sharing Plugin

If you’re looking for a free WordPress social media sharing plugin, Sassy Social Share is worth checking out.

It follows the GDPR policy and doesn’t add any tracking cookies on your browser.

You can choose sharing buttons in over 100 social platforms and customize its position and appearance.

It is a partner with myCRED that provides you a reward when users share your content.

Similar to other free WordPress social share plugins it has limited tracking options, but it shouldn’t bother you.

Social Media Buttons by Ultimately Social

It is a freemium social media plugin that supports over 200 social networks with 16 button designs. You can place those buttons on multiple places – and configure the pop-ups for social sharing.

Compared to other social sharing plugins in the list it has limited features that made it to the last recommendation for best WordPress social sharing plugins.

However, it offers some features that may interest you like float/sticky icons, social counts, automatic shuffling, mouse-over effects, etc.

Final Thoughts!

So, these are my favorite WordPress social media plugins for 2023.

And, now I’d like to hear from you:

Are there any other social media sharing plugins you love… but didn’t see in the list?

Or, maybe you have a suggestion.

Either way, let me know in the comment sections.

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