How to Choose a Blog Niche (+125 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas) in 2024

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Today I’m going to show you how to choose a blog niche that makes money in 2023.

In fact, picking the right blogging niche is what makes a successful blog.

So, if you’re planning to start a blog but not sure which topic you should choose, then this post is for you.

By the end of this post, you’ll have plenty of blogging niches with low competition.

Let’s get started:

What is a blog niche?

Blog niche is a specific topic or idea on which you will be writing blog posts or create other types of content. 

In other words, picking a blog niche is like answering the questions of the subject which you know very well.

Now the question is?

What are the common mistakes to avoid when choosing a niche?

Here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing a niche:

  1. Choosing a niche solely based on profitability or popularity, rather than personal interest or expertise.
  2. Not researching the competition in your chosen niche, which can lead to difficulty standing out and gaining traction.
  3. Selecting a niche that is too broad or too narrow, making it hard to target the right audience.
  4. Ignoring the potential for monetization, failing to choose a niche with enough commercial potential.
  5. Not considering the long-term potential for growth and evolution of your chosen niche.

What are the benefits of niche selection?

The main benefits of niche selection are attracts right audience, builds authority, monetization opportunities, and personal fulfillment.

Let’s see them in details:

Attract the right audience

When you choose a niche for your blog, you attract the right audience, engagement and conversions increase, leading to better results.

Build authority and expertise

Focusing on a specific blog niche allows you to become an expert in that field. As you create more content on a particular topic, you’ll build authority and credibility among your readers.

And, you get more opportunities for guest posting, speaking engagements, or partnerships.

Differentiate from competitors

With millions of blogs out there, it can be tough to stand out. However, by choosing profitable blog niches with low competition, you can separate yourself from your competitors and create a unique brand identity.

This can help you attract a loyal following and grow your blog more quickly.

Easier to monetize

When you have a micro niche blog with low competition, it’s easier to monetize because you have a specific target audience.

You can use affiliate marketing, sponsored content, ad networks, and other methods to earn income from your blog.

Personal satisfaction

Last but not least, niche selection can lead to self-satisfaction. When you write about something you’re passionate about, it’s easier to stay motivated and enjoy the process of blogging.

You’ll also find it easier to connect with like-minded people and build a community around your blog.

Selecting a niche for your blog has numerous benefits, including attracting the right audience, building authority, differentiation, easier monetization, and personal fulfillment.

So, if you haven’t already, start thinking about what niche you should focus on.

Now, it’s time to learn…

How to start a niche blog in 2023?

To start a profitable niche blog, you need three things:

  1. Domain name – the web address of your blog
  2. Web hosting online storage where you website data will be accessible for your audience
  3. A blogging platform – special software that will help you create your blog without manual coding

Generally, a domain name costs around $15-20/year and hosting will be around $7-10 per year. That’s is significant amount when you are a newbie and starting a blog from scratch to learn.

When you are starting a blog with a limited budget, Hostinger is a great option to start with. Apart from a free domain, they also offer free SSL, 1-click WordPress install, and 24/7 support.

However, if you’re looking for additional security features and want to enhance your website’s trust and credibility, you may consider investing in a paid SSL certificate or Wildcard SSL(for unlimited sub-domains).

There are plenty of WordPress theme online but I’d recommend you to go with GeneratePress or Astra. Both are lightweight themes and have lots of cool functionality that will help you to customize your blog.

Things to remember when choosing a niche

To find the best profitable niche for blogging one thing you need to avoid is picking a topic that gets lots of traffic but no money.

For example:

  • Free Wallpaper
  • Free Song Downloads
  • Free SMS, etc.

These blogging niche ideas will get lots of traffic but probably won’t make you enough money.

On the other hand, you don’t want to pick a blogging niche that is too tough for you write like health.

I know what you’re thinking…

How to find the best niche for blogging with low competition?

The best niche for blogging in India is the one on which you have interest in and have potential to bring traffic and money.

Additionally, it should have enough high demand blog topics to write about. You probably won’t write 50+ post about iPhone 7 case.

Here are four important metrics that you need to consider when choosing a profitable blogging niche.

  1. Your Interest – Pick the niche that excites you to write more.
  2. CPC – Cost per click indicates that topic has business value that’s why people are spending on ads.
  3. Search Volume – It shows how many people are searching for that particular topics monthly and yearly.
  4. Trend/Future of the Topic – It shows how people are talking about that specific time on over a time.

Now let’s looks at the ideas that will help you figure out the profitable niche for you. If you have picked the niche that isn’t profitable then you can always change that.

Let’s see how to find the best profitable niche for blogging in 2023:


I assume you may already have some unique blogging niche ideas in your mind that you want to start a blog right now.

But, I want you to see this first…

A perfect blogging niche have balance between three important factors:

  • Passion – Things you are passionate about
  • Expertise – Things you are good at
  • Profit – Someone will pay you to do

Let me explain each for you.

  • Let’s say you picked a topic that you are interested but others don’t have interest in that, you won’t be able to make money.
  • Similarly, you will struggle to make money if you are writing about the topic that you don’t have enough knowledge but other are talking about. Because you can’t create a content that they would expect from you.
  • Again, you might become popular but will struggle to make money if you writing about the topic that you and your audience are interested in but have no products to promote or sale.

Now you are thinking…

How to choose a blog niche that falls in all three category.

To find out you’ll have to answer the following questions:

Can I write 50+ posts on the chosen topic for a year?

This is important that you consistently create content with same passion as you wrote you first blog post.

I’ve seen people who start a blog with a huge motivation and frequently publish new content.


There’s a drop off.

And, barely publish a blog post in a month.

If you are passionate about a certain topic you can write better content than your competition. Because you will write from your heart.

On the other hand, if you just picked a niche without interest you might get bored pretty soon and will stop writing.

And, later you might complaint that blogging is not for you.

This isn’t the truth…right?

Therefore…before you finalize your niche, ask yourself if you can write for this topic without getting bore for months.

Are there other people who are interested in your topic?

You got the answer of your first question, right?

Now, it’s time to find out if there are someone who have same interest as you.

Well, this isn’t hard.

You need to do some research.

Put your topic into Google Trend

This little tool by Google is my favorite to find out trend about a certain topic.

Here is how it works.

Simply, type the keyword in Google Trends.

As you can see in the above image trend for PUBG game is pretty decent and people are still showing their interest in it.

pubg Explore Google Trends

The best part?

You can compare two or more topic simultaneously to see their trend.

pubg Fortnite Explore Google Trends

As you can see that graph of PUBG is falling compare to Fortnite. So, if you want to start a gaming niche blog then Fortnite will be better to pick over PUBG.

Do some keyword research (It’s easy than cutting cakes)

Now you have got a little bit idea about the popularity of your chosen topic via Google Trend.

But to validate your idea you’ll need to do some keyword research. Keyword research will provide the actual data that how many people are searching for that particular terms in a month.

Simply put your seed keyword in SEMrush and it will spit out other related terms along with insights like search volume, difficulty score and CPC.


There is no set rules but make sure the main topic has at least thousand searches per month. If numbers will be low then you’ll struggle to find content ideas to write next blog posts.

Are there products to sell in this niche?

You have got your niche that have enough search volume.

Now, it’s time to see if you can make money with this niche or not?

At the end making money online is our goal. Isn’t it?

Now the question is…

How to figure out if you can make money with your niche?

The answer?

More research.

Let’s take floor cleaning machine as an example. First thing we will see is what kind of result Google is providing.

floor cleaning machine Google Search

As you can see Google display the products that we can promote if we start a cleaning website.

Similarly we will search on Amazon.


Is blogging still worth it in 2023?

You’re wondering if blogging is still worth it, right?

Well, I think it absolutely is!

Here’s why:

Professional bloggers like Pat Flynn, Adam Enfroy, and Harsh Agarwal are making millions of dollars from their blog.

See below the income report of ShoutMeLoud.


The thing that make them winner is CONSISTENCY.

If you are consistently publishing quality content and promoting them to the right audience then no one can stop you to make money online.

Apart from blogging you can also make money from YouTube without any investment. All you will need some loyal YouTube subscribers would like, share and comment on your video.

Blog Niche - FAQs

Still confused which is best niche to start?

I hope you enjoyed this post about choosing a perfect niche.

But if you are still confused which blog niche should you choose?

Then here is the list of 125+ best blog niche ideas in 2023 to get you started your blogging journey.

Once you are done with niche selection, you need to focus on content promotion, SEO, and link building.

Let me know which blogging niche ideas seems good to you.

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