People that succeed with blogging do two things better than others:

First, they learn the blogging skills that get them results.

Second, they create the content that attracts audiences and makes them stay and convert.

But you’re probably wondering:

“How do I find the content that goes viral and increases audience engagement”?

Well, my friend I am going to make it easy for you.

Today, I will show you six free content discovery tools that you can use to create engaging content.

Hunt the viral content topics at Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo probably the best content discovery platform available out there.

It is the favorite content marketing tool of content marketers.

You can use its basic features for free, but if you want to use its other amazing features, you have to upgrade your free account.

Here is how to use BuzzSumo to find content ideas that already have performed well on the web.

First, I head over to Buzzsumo and enter a keyword.

Suppose, you had a fitness blog. You would probably search keywords six pack abs, flat abs, burn fat, etc.

I want to see how articles related to six pack abs have performed in last 6 months. At the right side filter by date, I clicked on 6 months.Buzz sumo

After that, I look for the content that has lots of social shares.

sixpack abs Most Shared Content

As you can see, I have some out of the box keywords that I can use to create amazing content.

sixpack abs Most Shared Content1

I moved to Buzzfeed and borrowed some titles from the articles with lots of comments.

Here what I found:



Other one…

BuzzFeed 1

Now, I can use these titles for my blog.

Original Titles:

  • 17 Secretly Gross Things Every Girl Has Done
  • 22 Jokes That Are Just Really Fucking Clever

Modified Titles with keywords found from Buzzsumo:

  • 9 Healthy Fitness Training Pro Fitness Experts Do
  • 11 Healthy Fitness Training Secrets Everyone Should Know
  • 22 Straight Up Abs That Just Are Really Awesome
  • 11 Five Minutes Workout You Can Do to Build Straight Up Abs

I hope now you have understood how to use Buzzsumo to find amazing blog post ideas.

Find Trendy topics on EpicBeat

No one likes outdated information. That’s why you need to create content that is in trend.

This is where need EpicBeat.

It is the best alternative of Buzzsumo.

It is designed to make data-driven blogging more insightful, relevant and entertaining.

Here, I show you how to use it:

First, I move to the EpicBeat, and write the keyword ‘Content Marketing’ in the search box and hit enter.

Here is what result it provided to me.

EpicBeat Find trends content influencers that matterThese are the best performing post under content marketing in past one month.

By using this tool, you can understand what sort of content are in the trend, and how can you write a better article than them.

With real-time trends on content and influencers across all platforms, we would able to help bloggers and answer their questions.

Dig on Reddit for out of the box topics

Reddit is a powerful and very popular social media site, even though its general design is very boring.

It is the first website that runs by its users. You can create your own group (that is called subreddit) and invite others to join.

It’s enough about Reddit.

Now, let me show you, how can you use Reddit for unique content ideas?

First, I head to its homepage and write the keyword ‘Blogging’ in the search box and enter. It offers me popular subreddit related to blogging.

reddit the front page of the internet

I clicked on the first subreddit because it has 10,805 subscribers and it is 8 years old. It means here I can find some good topics for my next blog post. search results blogging

Here are the blog posts that are doing good on this particular subreddit because people have upvoted on these articles.

top scoring links Blogging

You see people liked the posts because these are the case studies.

It means, if I write a case study on my blog and share that on Reddit chances are that article will get some quality traffic.

Use Right Relevance to see what influencers are sharing?

Right Relevance is one of the popular tools to help you with content discovery. It shows the latest article posted on the web as well as shows how many influencers have shared that post.

Right Relevance

So, you can easily understand the quality of the article. And write about on the similar topics on your blog.

Find relevant and updated content with Content Gems

They call is content discovery engine. It scans thousands of article every day on the search engine and provides you the best results relevant to your search term.

However, to use Content Gems you have to sign up.

It is a paid tool. But still, you can use it for free.

Here is the pricing plan of Content Gems:

Plans Pricing · ContentGems

You can see last 7 days relevant and popular articles in your niche.

content gems pricing plan

Get the most popular article in your niche by using Alltop

Alltop is a site that aggregates all the top stories from sites across the Internet.

This is my favorite site to read some high-quality posts about blogging, WordPress and content marketing, etc.

Let me show you, how can you use this tool for content discovery?

First, head over to Alltop and enter a keyword.

I enter blogging in the search box and hit enter. Alltop shows me all popular category.

Alltop all the top stories

I want to check out blog posts under blogging, therefore, I clicked on blogging and it redirects to another sub-domain.

Alltop Top Blogging News

Here you can see the most popular stories.

Check out those articles one by one and see which suits best to you for your next article.

Final Thoughts
Knowing SEO is awesome.

But, writing great content on the right topic is great.

When you mix both, your blogging will can reach on cloud nine.

A successful blogger should be a good content curator.

Stay tuned, very soon I will post part two with some new free content discovery tools.

Now is your turn which content curation tools are you going to use to create amazing content for your blog?

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Umesh is blogger by heart and digital marketer by profession. He helps small companies to grow their revenue as well as online presence.