000Webhost Review: Should You Trust on Free Web Hosting?

000webhost review

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Wanna start your first blog, but running on a tight budget to buy a premium web hosting?

No problem, I’ve got you covered with 000webhost.

000webhost is a completely free website hosting provider serving users 2007.

Since 2007 millions of website have been hosted on 000webhost and still going on.

Today, I’m going to provide you my honest 000webhost review.



  • Free Hosting Plan
  • Ultimate 24×7 Customer Support
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Inexpensive Premium Plans
  • 100 GB monthly bandwidth
  • mySQL with phpMyAdmin support
  • Free Website Builder
  • Free Advanced cPanel


  • Concerns Regarding Security
  • Database Reboots
  • No SSL Certificate
  • CPU Usage

000Webhost Review: Should You Rely on Free Web Hosting?

000webhost is one of the few web hosting providers that dare to provide a free hosting website with PHP, MySQL, and Cpanel.

You can host as many as websites on 000webhost for free with 99% Uptime guarantee.

I know what are you thinking?

I’ll explain them later but first:

What is 000webhost?

000webhost is world’s first free cloud web hosting provider that offers FREE website hosting which can reach up to 99.9% uptime.

It is known for its unlimited free web hosting features and plans. They also provide premium hosting plans that come with advanced features but at an affordable price.

Now let’s get back to your doubts that jumping in your mind.

Web hosting

1. Why is 000webhost all free?, How do they survive?

They are providing FREE Cpanel hosting services since 2007. And they could be able to do that because of their premium hosting services and upgrades. Check out premium web hosting plans.

Furthermore, since they are providing FREE hosting to the entire community, therefore community show their love through donation.

2. How long will my hosting be free?

Forever! As I told you earlier that have premium hosting plans also, to support them that they are providing since 2008.

Therefore, they don’t have any plan to charge you in near future, if you are using FREE website hosting service.

Because they providing free website hosting services since 2007.

3. Why should I trust on 000webhost?

  • Your hosting will be FREE for lifetime.
  • They have their own servers and data centers. That means your data will safe and your site won’t shut down ever.
  • They have a dedicated team who keep an eagle eye on dedicated connections to provide every user high bandwidth possible.

Top 000Webhost FREE Features:

000webhost features

FREE FREE FREE Website Hosting!!!

Why pay money for hosting when you can get one for FREE? It all possible because of 000Webhost. Despite providing unlimited free web hosting features they don’t charge a single penny unless you upgrade your plan into a premium.

It is completely free means you don’t have to worry about scams or sort of things. Additionally, they are a pioneer in providing high bandwidth FREE web hosting services without any advertising & hidden costs!

It is the primary reason millions of website users have shown their trust on 000Webhost.

So what are you waiting for?

99% Uptime Guarantee

It would be hard to find a free web hosting provider that maintain such a huge uptime except 000Webhost.

000Webhost guaranteed provide 99% uptime. They feel proud of it and don’t hesitate to show the proof that only a few premium hosting providers can. Check out the uptime.

000webhost status

PHP with MySQL support

When it comes to finding a website hosting provider that allows you free hosting website with PHP & MySQL, you’ll hardly find a reliable web hosting.

But if we talk about 000Webhost it provides you the most updated version of both PHP and MySQL along with Curl, GD2, Zend, XML, fopen(), PHP sockets, Ioncube Loader, .htaccess & other PHP features.

FREE cPanel

Again this feature is rare to see in free web hosting services. But 000Webhost is also providing you the most advanced control panel in the industry for free to use.

Why is cPanel awesome?

Because it contains lots of cool easy-to-use features that website owners like to use even a newbie can use it.

However, only paid hosting providers offer this service but 000Webhost is giving it to you for free.

1000 MB Disk Space and 10000 MB Bandwidth

Every user who will sign up for FREE web hosting will get 1000 MB disk space and 10000 MB bandwidth. If you need more space and bandwidth you can upgrade your account anytime and check out the wide range of Hostinger web hosting upgrade options with special discounts and extra features.

Furthermore, you’ll get the complete access to use the most updated version of PHP & MySQL.

One click website installer

I’ve rarely seen that any free website hosting company have ever provided the one-click website installer except 000Webhost.

It is probably the one of its kind hosting provider that offers single click website installer for free while other companies only provide that when you opt their premium plan.

One click installer makes it easy to install popular scripts with ease.

Want to integrate forum or an online gallery?

No problem!

You can do that with just a few clicks to make your website amazing.

000Webhost support 50+ well-known scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OS Commerce, Photo Gallery and others. You can install all them without much hassle.

Free Website Builder

Don’t worry if you don’t anything about website building just pick any template from its gallery and you’re ready to go.

000Webhost hosts 100+ professionally designed template that you can use for free.

Building a website becomes more easy with 000Webhost’s FREE website builder that makes the process super easy in three simple steps.

All you have to do is choose one template that suits your business – add your content and click the publish button and your website is live.

Isn’t it easy?

Yes, it is.

Super Active Customer Service

A business would be successful or not depends on its customer support and 000Webhost understand this better than anyone else.

It isn’t easy to find a free website hosting company whose support team is always ready to help you whenever you need them. But in 000Webhost’s case, it’s not true – they have a dedicated support team who are ready to help you 24/7.

000webhost offers ticket based support (while most free providers only have FAQs!)

You can raise a ticket when you need them and their support team will get back to you with the solution as soon as they will see your ticket.

000webhost support

Note: They have millions of users so sometimes it might take time to see your ticket and respond you but still as a free hosting service that should be okay.

They offer 30 days money back guarantee to their premium users. You can ask them to refund if you don’t like their service.

Bottom line is, their premium plans also aren’t risky, you can take a chance.

000webhost Pricing & Plans

000webhost pricing

As we know that 000webhost serves FREE website hosting but they also have premium plans that come with extensive features you might be interested in.

You actually don’t need to opt their premium plan if you are running a small website or a blog.

However, they are very kind and generous for their free users and providing them up to five add-on domains, five e-mail accounts, and two MySQL databases followed with 99% uptime guarantee and an included backup manager tool.

1.5 GB storage limit along with a 100 GB monthly bandwidth limit would be enough for a small website owner.

But if your requirement is more, you should consider their paid plans that come with a free domain name, cPanel Pro, as well as unlimited storage, bandwidth, e-mail, domains, and MySQL databases.

Nevertheless, their free plan almost provides all the features that other hosting companies offer in their premium plan.

Would I recommend you 000webhost?

Yes, of course. If you have a tight budget to buy a premium hosting. In that case, 000webhost is great option to start with.

In fact, 000webhost is the best option those who are not familiar with building or running a website.

If you have a small website with low traffic or making a website for a special event then 000webhost is good option to consider.

If you are expecting huge traffic then you can upgrade your free plan into premium one.

Though there are other web hosting providers that are providing better paid hosting services at affordable prices – but if we talk about free website hosting no one can stand against the 000webhost.

000webhost is leading FREE web hosting provider for past 11 years while maintaining their reputation. It wouldn’t be easy to beat them.

Let me know if you did like my 000webhost review and leave your thoughts in the comment section.




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