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To all video editors, finding a voice changer tool to save your time and effort for different voiceover cases is necessary.

But what is the best tool?

How about an AI-powered video editing software with massive collections of voice filters and characters for unique videos?

CapCut desktop video editor is your all-in-one creative hub for making unique voiceover videos. Apply voice filters for a funny prank to your friends, or choose a voice character for a professional broadcast video.

This powerful editor covers all your needs. Dive below to see magic from the CapCut desktop!

A Quick Glance at CapCut Desktop Video Editor


At CapCut desktop video editor, you can enjoy a feature-packed and professional video editing software for all creative production needs, from content creation and marketing to education.

It can also help you create viral-worthy and funny videos with special voice filters and characters or turn your speech into songs in different music genres.

This is ideal for personal and professional use cases, like making broadcast videos or crafting product showcase clips.

Why is CapCut Desktop the Best AI Voice changer? – Unlock Key Features

CapCut desktop has made its name known as the best and highest-quality voice changer for practical use cases. Discover more of its key magical features for unique sound videos:

Massive Collections of Voice Filters

Free AI Voice Changer

Up to 40 voice filters with different tones and rhythms are available, from Energetic, Sweetie, High, and Retro vibe. All are your free choice.

Ready to power your friends’ birthday celebration videos with a lo-fi voice filter for a sense of fun?

Or transform your presentation video with a High voice filter for attractive and attention-grabbing?

Multiple Voice Characters

Choose multiple voice characters to power your professional or promotional videos for free. All of these topics, from Doll Witch to Robot character voices, are covered in this editor.

Powerful Speech to Song

CapCut’s AI-powered voice changer is a powerful tool for changing speech into catchy rhythms in different genres, from R&B to jazz to Hip-hop. This is ideal for social content creators or music makers who want to make catchy song videos.

Free Stocks of Audio, Video, Effects, and Transitions for Video Visuals

Make your music video more appealing with free audio, videos, effects, or transitions. All magical elements are categorized in different structures for your presentation, vlog, or education video needs.

Guide to Make Your Unique Video with CapCut’s Voice Changer

Step 1: Download and Import Your Audio File

Open CapCut’s official website and select “Video editor for desktop” in the product category to download the software. Install the CapCut desktop on your device by following the on-screen instructions and signing up for your account.

Download and Import Your Audio File Capcut

Once you have successfully installed the CapCut desktop on your device, click “Create project” in the main editing interface. Choose “Import” to import your audio, videos, and images for editing from your local device.

This powerful editor also allows you to select free audio stock to craft your appealing voice-changing videos in one click.

CapCut desktop

Step 2: Customize Your Video with Voice Changer Your

Select your uploaded audio and navigate to the right panel of the interface for audio editing. Select the “Voice changer” tab to transform your audio voice. Here, you can select “Voice filters,” “Voice characters,” or “Speech to the song” to power your clips in a catchy way.

Customize Your Video with Voice Changer

Step 3: Apply Video Effects

Make your video captivating with multiple video effects from the CapCut desktop. Navigate the left panel and choose “Effects” to pick your favorite body or video effects. You can also level up your videos with free copyrighted stocks of audio or AI-powered tools to make your video more visually appealing and attractive. CapCut desktop has you covered.

Apply Video Effects

Enrich your video with other basic and advanced editing features, such as AI-generated stickers, texts, filters, or auto-captions. You can also restructure your video with different tools, such as splitting, trimming, adjusting video aspect ratios, or controlling your speed.

Step 4: Export Your Video

Click on “Export” to save your audio video to your device. Personalize your video exporting options by assigning your clip name, adjusting your video exporting location, or changing your video settings with different options for format, bit rate, frame rate, or resolutions.

Tailor your audio formats with MP4, WAV, AAP, or PLAC options. Don’t forget to quickly check your video copyright before exporting. Once exported, you can instantly share your video on TikTok or YouTube to optimize your video online presence.

Export Your Video CapCut

Sum Up!

CapCut desktop is an all-in-one and tailor-made voice changer for crafting trendy and catchy music videos for personal and professional use.

With features ranging from voice filters to character voices and speech-to-song capabilities, it provides everything you need to enhance your videos creatively. Sign up for CapCut today for catchy sound videos in one click!

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