How to Bypass Spam Filters and Get to Inboxes: Best Tips from GlockApps

How to Bypass Spam Filters

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A sudden drop in open rates is a concern for email marketers around the world.

Everyone faces this phenomenon from time to time. But don’t panic, it’s possible that your subscribers simply never see your emails in their inboxes.

Spam filter algorithms are indeed quite strict in sorting emails, especially after the latest updates.

Here’s what you should focus on to make your campaigns work.

Best Tips on How to Bypass Spam Filters

A significant drop in open rates is almost always the result of emails accidentally ending up in the spam folder. But you can be proactive and learn how to avoid spam filters with some of the best tips from GlockApps:

Keep Your Sender Reputation High

Sender reputation is the score that a sender’s domain receives from email service providers based on the quality of their email campaigns, such as their frequency, volume, and subscriber engagement.

Key actions that can negatively impact your sender reputation:

  • Spam complaints: When users report your emails as spam.
  • Bounces: When recipients on your mailing list do not exist, do not permit you to send emails from your domain, etc.
  • Spam traps: Special email addresses are used to catch spammers, and all messages sent to these addresses are assumed to be unsolicited.
  • Poor user interaction: If you send emails to non-engaged subscribers, such as those who have never opened your emails in the last year, you will end up in the spam folder just because of their non-engagement.

So, the best advice is to maintain a high sender reputation and monitor it regularly with special software like GlockApps email spam tester.

Set up Your Authentication Records

Email authentication is crucial for the success of your campaigns, as it allows the email provider to confirm that you are the sender you claim to be. Your email will likely be filtered as spam or bounced if it is not authenticated.

Make sure you meet basic email authentication standards:

  • DKIM
  • SPF
  • Reverse DNS

Email marketers should set up authentication records for their sending domains to increase their credibility with recipient mail servers and regularly check if protocols are properly configured with GlockApps spam checker.

Optimize Your Email Copy

Make sure that your message is valuable and optimized. Keep it as short as possible, but informative.

Spam filters love reader engagement, so every paragraph should be valuable and relevant to those who read it.

Don’t use too many exclamation points, avoid capitalizing the entire text. Check spellcheck to make sure your email is written correctly.

Avoid using words that trigger spam filters and look fishy, as well as suspicious links and attachments.

Test Your Emails Before Sending Them to Users

The best way to understand how email service providers perceive your email is to test it beforehand. This will allow you to see any problems with the content, and most importantly, whether your email ends up in the spam folder.

With the GlockApps Inbox Insight tool, you’ll get a detailed report and find out exactly what score you received from major spam filters, what is the reputation of your sending IP address, whether your domain and IP address are blacklisted, possible authentication issues, and deliverability per provider.

If you need professional help with analyzing your particular data, you can book a consultation with an experienced email deliverability consultant who will answer all your questions and provide valuable advice to help you succeed and easily bypass spam filters.

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