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Social networks have allowed any business type and independent of its size; can compete in the same conditions against its competition.

However, one of the most common mistakes usually made by brands is to worry only about accumulating a lot of fans or followers in their social accounts, as if they were cards.

Some brands have already realized that I like fans do not produce an economic benefit for the company, and so have begun to create different strategies to turn fans or followers into potential leads.

To better understand how to get this lead generation done, in this article the marketing expert at dissertation writing service  has tried to compile the 10 best ways to turn fans or followers of social networks into leads.

#1. Use the best blog post

The first step in any social media strategy should be to direct the traffic of visits to our website, since this is where we will be able to capture the potential customers and also their emails through the subscription forms.

There is no doubt that having a community on Facebook that is quite active and participatory in publications is a very positive symptom, but if you do not look for ways to turn these fans into subscribers (leads) you will never be able to monetize the presence of the brand.

#2. Define a Clear Objective with Subscription

There is no doubt that the only way to get new leads is through the subscription forms on the website, but if you want to succeed you must offer some exclusive content that is very useful and serve as a claim to get the emails from the potential customers.

In addition to taking into account this recommendation, it is fundamental to make a constant diffusion of the contents published in the corporate or professional blog in social networks in an organic way, but also with the paid advertisements to thus convert fans and / or followers into new customers.

#3. Take advantage of Instagram’s biography

According to recent studies, Instagram is growing exponentially reaching the chilling number of 60 million users, and for this reason is already considered the second social platform in the ranking of social platforms.

Taking into account this user data and the size of the social network, it is difficult for a brand not to have a presence on Instagram to increase its visibility and capture potential customers through images.

The main disadvantage of the Instagram social network in regards to its publications is that you cannot share links, unlike in other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. For this reason, the only opportunity you have to direct traffic to the website is through the profile biography.

#4. Customize the links in your LinkedIn biography

If you have created a page in the professional network LinkedIn for your business or a personal profile, and if it is not so you are slow in doing so, you have the possibility to be able to personalize the web links in the section contact information.

The first instinct people have when filling in the contact information on their LinkedIn page or profile is to insert the main URL of their web page for people to access, but they do not realize that this field has great potential for other features.

One thing that the experts in this professional network often do, and sure to help you positively because it has a great impact, is to display a personalized text that will push the prospects to relevant content that may be interesting for the people who visit the description.

#5. Promote webinars

Another great way to turn our fans and / or followers into potential customers is by conducting free webinars, as it has become a new trend for digital marketing strategies because of its great effectiveness.

The great advantage of free webinars is that it allows you to hold an online conference or seminar with an unlimited number of people, and capture the emails of people interested in our products or services.

#6. Make Ads on Facebook Ads

Many business owners are missing out on a valuable opportunity with Facebook ads, known as Facebook Ads, as it offers the possibility to reach a large number of people with interests related to our products or services.

The most prominent feature of the Facebook Ads advertising tool is the conversion pixel provided when you create a new ad, which lets you know exactly how much it cost to get a new subscriber for our email-marketing list.

#7. Create Tutorials on YouTube

The social network par excellence for sharing videos is YouTube because it has a huge community of users who daily seek content for different purposes such as entertainment, and search for information.

While it is true that Facebook is trying to take away this niche market through its native videos, and now even when you share a YouTube link asks if you really want to publish it.

If in your case you have a product that can be easily displayed in video format, YouTube can quickly become one of your best allies when it comes to attracting leads and brand visibility in Google search results.

#8. Publish good images on Pinterest

The Pinterest social network has become the favorite for women, and according to some studies already has more than 70 million registered users, so it is also necessary for brands to be present in this social platform to attract potential customers.

Regardless of the professional sector that has the business, if you want to get visitors traffic from potential customers who are active in Pinterest it is advisable to share high quality images containing the title of the article published in the corporate or professional blog.

Most corporate and professional blogs usually use a prominent image for the article, which appears both in the header of the article and when sharing the link in different social platforms.

#9. Share content in LinkedIn groups

Professional LinkedIn network groups are another great way to turn fans and / or followers into potential customers for any business, although I should add that not all groups are the same because people who are there have different interests.

For this reason, it will depend a lot on the professional sector to which each business is dedicated and its target audience, since it will be necessary to analyze those groups where potential customers can be found for our product or service.

#10. Use video streaming

Finally, you can also use in your digital marketing strategies the use of mobile streaming applications to turn your fans and / or followers into potential customers.

There are several applications that you can use to make video streaming like PeriscopeMeerkat, and Snapchat , although if you want my recommendation I advise you to use Periscope because it was recently acquired by the social network Twitter.

Similar to webinars, video streaming despite its mobile format has become another excellent way to generate leads because it allows you to interact with fans and / or followers in real time, as they receive a popup notification on their mobile device when some of its users in a row has started a retransmission.


There are many ways to get fans or social network followers into potential customers for your business, so it will be up to each brand to choose the ones they consider best for their lead capture strategy.

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