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This is the guest post by Daniel

I’m sure the main reason that most of you are reading this blog is that you want to be able to earn your own living and be your own boss.

That’s certainly why I started my journey making money online. Now while I really enjoy writing a blog and it is my favorite method of making money it is one of the more labor intensive ways of earning an income.

You have to write posts, keep up with your social networks, post on forums, do link building as well as a million other things that eat away at your time.

I’m going to share with you a few ideas that you can use so that you can make a lower maintenance income to supplement your other businesses.

Niche Sites with Google AdSense

The idea of this is simple. You create a niche blog that is going to attract a lot of attention and then place AdSense ads on these pages. Once they are set up they never even need to be looked at again they simply need to get some traffic.

This is where its best if you are creative and come up with something simple that with spread virally and people will share with their friends.

Topics for these sites that I have found work well include funny or awe-inspiring pictures, videos or tools that will come in handy to the user.

A good business model for these sites is to focus more on social traffic than search engine traffic because if you have come up with a good idea that’s where most of your traffic will come from and its easier to get instant traffic from social media over the search engines.

Write For Ehow Or Hubpages

If you haven’t heard of them before these are article websites where you can go and sign up for free today and then start to write articles for them.

You can write about anything you want but articles that tend to do well are the how to articles giving bullet point instructions about how to perform a specific task.

They way that you can make passive income from this is that both of these sites share their advertising revenue with all of their authors so if you get a lot of traffic to your articles then you will start to get some clicks and some advertising revenue from them.

Sell Stock Photographs Online

This is a very simple principle. Take photographs that you think people will be willing to pay for and then put them up on the internet for sale.

The things you will need for this income stream are a good digital camera, access to either a creative mind or a great landscape and membership at sites.

All you have to do is place your picture on there, set your price and then hope that people like your photography and buy it.

Creating and Selling A Smart Phone App

Now I know that this is going to be beyond what most people are capable of. I personally have no idea how to make my own app but what I do know is that you can hire people online to make any app for you. All you need is the idea.

You could find someone to make it for you from a general freelance websites or you could go to a more specialized app making website like willowtreeapps.com who will make it for you.

Once you have your idea and you have it made you will have to choose how to monetize your project. There are two main ways, to sell your app or to put advertising on it.

In general at the moment the apps for sale have a bigger chunk of the market (especially for Apple!) but the free apps with advertising are catching up fast.

High Interest Savings Account Or Forex Trading Robots

The option of a high interest savings account is the safest option for your cash because you know it is not going to go anywhere or get any smaller but the problem at the moment is that savings account interest rates are really low.

You can still get a little bit of money back on your investment.

The option that I have chosen to use is to get a forex trading robot and putting my money into that. This can and generally does give you much higher interest on your money.

At the moment I am using the forex bullet proof robot and it has given me about a 2% increase in just under a month which is nicer than the tiny amount I would get for a savings account.

If you want to know more about forex bullet proof before you buy it (because its quite expensive!) I’m going to be writing a post about all the trades its done and the exact amount I’ve earned when I’ve been using it for (on the 29th of April).

I know there are some other ways to get ‘passive income’ but these are the ones that I consider truly passive income ideas in the sense that you literally don’t have to touch them once the work is done and it will keep bringing you income.

Can you think of any other methods that are truly passive income ideas? Have you tried any of these ideas? How did they work for you?