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This is the guest post by Linda Wester.

UX (user experience) is all the good and bad feelings experienced by individuals when they use web applications. It helps website owners to provide a seamless browsing experience to visitors and encourage them to keep visiting their sites time and again.

In the context of the E-commerce business, UX helps entrepreneurs to grow their sales and increase their businesses. Shoppers don’t like to visit E-commerce websites that are unattractive to look at, difficult to navigate and slow to load. In such cases, they look for alternative websites.

Do you also run an E-commerce website? Do you want to improve its UX design elements to increase your sales? If yes, then go through some practical UX tips that would help you to increase the usability and performance of your site greatly:

#1. Responsive Website Design

People are increasingly using different mobile devices for online shopping. Therefore, all web-based businesses- especially E-commerce sites- need to be responsive to mobile devices.

A responsive website automatically reshapes itself according to the dimensions of the computing devices and offer the optimal browsing experience to visitors.

Therefore, you should make your E-commerce site responsive to mobile devices to increase the conversion rate up to a great extent.

In case, you run Magento E-commerce site, you can make use of a Magento extension to help your site’s pages appear prominently on the mobile search results. This will help you to get more business flowing from small screens.

#2. Make Your Site Amazingly Fast

People love to visit fast websites. If your site is slow, it can make users frustrated and they may leave your site never to come back again. Even Google prefers fast loading websites because it cares about the user experience.

It punishes slow loading websites with a lower ranking in its SERP, which means the owners of such websites will have fewer business opportunities.

So, you should take all possible steps to make your E-commerce site faster. You can take the following steps-

  • Use a reliable hosting company to run your site.
  • Delete all unused extensions/plugins.
  • Erase your site’s database from time-to-time.
  • Enable website cache and
  • Use a good quality CDN.

#3. Provide Site Search Facility

There are many shoppers who dislike wasting their precious time and energy to visit the different pages of an E-commerce site and look for the products they need.

If you provide the on-site search facility on your E-commerce site, it will help them to easily find the desired products in less time and complete their transactions quickly.

To increase the conversion rate greatly, you can also think of providing search facility within a category. The auto-correct feature will also help buyers to get accurate results related to their search terms.

#4. Online Chat Feature

As the Internet literacy is increasing with each passing day, a good number of people have now started to do online shopping. There are many individuals who need live assistance to get rid of their concerns easily and complete the transactions.

In order to make such people loyal to your E-commerce brand, you should add a live chat support service to your site.

This will help them to get the answer to their questions in an easy way and buy the exact products they need.

#5. A Well-Made Shopping Basket

A shopping cart is an essential software, allowing shoppers to easily view the products available for sale, look for the desired products and select the products they need.

Based on their requirements, they can remove less important products from the cart to accommodate their shopping budget.

The availability of a well-designed and secure shopping cart on your E-commerce site can encourage shoppers to buy from you.

It also helps you a lot in many ways, such as inventory management, shipping price calculation, etc.

#6. Increase Your Site’s Credibility

Although, the E-commerce business is growing at a fast pace, there are still millions of people who avoid online shopping because of their fear of being cheated or getting low-quality products.

Therefore, as a serious E-commerce business operator, it is your responsibility to convince the potential buyers that your site is safe for online shopping.

For this, you can take the following action-

  • Make sure that your E-commerce site is up-to-date and has no broken links, excessive redirection, pop-ups, irrelevant advertisements, etc.
  • Add the security certification logos to your site.
  • Display the physical address, contact numbers, official Email id on your site.
  • Show your Site’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, product replacement/return & money back policy and
  • Display the reviews given by customers. It will help shoppers to get an idea about your products and services and take the decisions accordingly.

#7. Hassle-Free Checkout Page

The checkout page is the last step in an online buying process. It should be simple, easy and user-friendly. If your site’s checkout page is confusing or complicated, shoppers will leave the site without completing their transactions.

So, you should make your site’s checkout page more user-friendly. You should add relevant images, logos, big buttons, color, fonts, payment logos, tables, etc, very carefully.

Design it in such a way that shoppers can get all essential information on the same page and make the informed buying decisions easily.

#8. Clutter Free Navigation

When you run a fully-fledged E-commerce site with lots of variable products, categories, sub-categories, smooth navigation becomes an unavoidable need.

If shoppers are able to navigate your E-commerce site easily, they can find their favorite products easily and complete the transactions quickly.

You may apply the specific navigation features on your site based on your needs. But, in general, you should follow some basic rules-

  • Restrict the top menu to 6-7 choices.
  • Provide a secondary aviation on your site to let visitors know their exact location while browsing the site.

Final Words

The main aim of creating E-commerce websites is to do all possible things to increase the sales and provide buyers a hassle-free online shopping experience. These are some good UX tips using which you can easily enhance the performance of your site up to a great extent.

About the author:

Linda Wester an expert custom Magento developer at HireMagentoGeeks. She has a great experience in eCommerce UX design, SEO, Digital marketing, Email marketing and Social media optimization. She loves to share her experience in the form of articles, tips and tricks, user-guide. To check out her latest publication follows Linda on Twitter.