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This is the guest post by Clinton Loomis.

In the modern era the growing Digital marketing techniques has proved to be more successful and cost effective.

Digital Marketing technology is used to market the services and products utilizing the digital tools mainly internet, cell phone, exhibit advertising techniques and some other additional digital modes.

The growing digital marketing method has become an essential component of many businesses.

With the advancement in technology the people have become more dependent on digital media.

They are using internet and mobile phones almost throughout the day.

Therefore businesses use these platforms to advertise their products and attract customers.

People these days prefer online shopping over going out to buy the product.

Many studies has proven that in this modern era, the increase in social media engagement and interaction provides a clear indication that active online availability is not only essential but it has become compulsory for all the companies and businesses who wants to excel in this modern world.

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Some of the Growing Digital Marketing Methodologies are being used to assist in delivering a particular advertisement, modified according to the user’s preferences and interests.

  • Content – Marketing method: Content marketing method is the process of delivering a content which the potential audience is searching for, on to the location at which they are conducting their search.

This will help in making your product or services relevant and visible to the specific targeted audience.

  • Influencer-Marketing: In this process essential nodes are recognized in the relevant community which are called as influencers. This is a significant concept of digital aiming.

In this process there is a possibility to approach the influencers through paid advertisement methods which are Google Campaign Marketing, Social-Media Marketing and Optimization through Facebook Advertisement and via complex CRM Software.

  • Electronic Mail Marketing: This process helps in increasing the chance of targeted audience to view your advertisement.
  • Electronic Books and Games Marketing: These advertisements are placed within the electronic book or games.
  • Exhibit Advertisement method.
  • Advertising via cell phones MMS and SMS.
  • On hold cell phones Ringing Tones.
  • Remarketing: This plays a vital role in the world of digital-marketing. In this the businesses can publish the advertisement in front of target audience commonly known as searchers; they have either looked for specific services or products or just made a visit to the website.

These methodologies if used properly will help in increasing the over-all revenue.

Advantages of using Growing Digital Marketing in the today’s Digital World:

  1. Competitive and Comparative Advantage:

Growing Digital Marketing allows the businesses to advertise the best price and deals for their product and services.

The digital marketing has provided both small and large businesses an equal opportunity to attract their targeted audience.

The customers in this modern world prefer to shop online they compare the rates of product on several websites and buy after analyzing the best deal and offer.

The internet and social media platform allows the businesses to achieve comparative benefit by many methods.

The digital marketing sets a communication between the customer and the business owner.

The customers prefer to do online shopping according to their own convenience.

  1. Helps in Building Brand Reputation using Social Media:

digital marketing growth

Growing Digital Marketing has been proved to be beneficial for both the businesses and the brands in marketing and selling their products and services.

Marketing on social media such as Facebook, emails and YouTube helps the business person to get positive and negative feedback from the customers.

In this way the company will get an opportunity to improve themselves.

The best advantage is the availability of customer support 24/7 which makes the customer comfortable and he feels valued.

These days everyone has access to internet and Social media thus marketing product on these forum helps in creating a communication network and the product information can spread like a fire irrespective of location.

The customer feels comfortable in placing their queries about the product which cannot be achieved by visiting stores physically.

By delivering what your company has committed, you will develop a good relationship with customers which in turn will boost your reputation as a brand in front of targeted customers.

  1. Cost-Effective and Rewarding:

Use of Digital marketing method brings rewarding results. It has made the process of marketing simple and less time consuming as compared to the old methodologies.

If the digital marketing is used effectively, it can prove to be highly cost efficient and helpful in increasing over-all sales.

The advertisements produced by digital marketing tools are more engaging and attractive as compared to traditional marketing styles plus the businessmen can use the digital marketing methods according to their budget and requirement.

They can even set up a virtual showroom for their product and services to target the potential consumers.

The process of digital marketing also helps to keep a record of their current customers along with the potential clues that their advertisement is attracting.

This leads to a development of strong bond between the customer and the business owner.

  1. Provides Good Return On Investment:

The main method of a successful digital marketing is to create a stable flow of specific traffic which later changes into leads and sales.

The higher such traffic is generated by your business the quicker you will be able to know your return on investment.

Once the target customer provides their contact details, purchase or subscribe to your website their information can be tracked easily.

This will help in calculating the over- all success of the product.

By growing digital marketing methods, the business owners are also able to keep record of their specific customers.

They can utilize social media to choose the geographic location, age group, genders and interest of those specific customers to whom they want to advertise.

Furthermore, by keeping a track of targeted customers search patterns, the business owners can keep advertising them, thus increasing the chance for them to buy the product.

Nowadays every Business and company owners realize the importance of investing on growing digital media marketing methods.

They invest on their website, videos, blogs, snap chat, Facebook, Search Engine Optimization Friendly articles, LinkedIn, Social-Media availability and Twitter.

The products are advertised in an extremely interactive and engaging way that automatically attracts the potential customer to explore and click on the website.

Growth of Digital Marketing in Upcoming Years

The industry of digital marketing cannot be suppressed. The growing channels, customer’s comments and marketing techniques are continuously changing.

The stable acceleration of social media has evolved many fresh formats and channels to approach the target customers.

The basic marketing technique stays the same but evolving a different message, understanding and knowing their search and needs.

Snap Chat Geo- Filter:  According to various studies, snap chat has proved to be the most efficient channel. It creates a bond between the brands and the customers by using the method of Snap Chat Geo-Filter.

Snap chat Geo-filter is a picture that lies over the snap chat video or image.

The Geo-filter might contain the logo or the company message and if used effectively, the chances of targeting snap chat user may increase and they may notice your brand or company.

Playing Viral Videos on Internet: Research for year 2016 proves that more viral videos have been watched on small screens of mobile phones.

Everyone likes watching viral videos.  These viral videos come on Face book or You Tube news feeds. In this modern era, Facebook might add a separate tab for the video.

Thus, in the upcoming year watching video along with advertisement will prove to be another important milestone in the world of digital marketing.

Segmented and Online Behavioral based Electronic Mailing: In the upcoming years the Digital Marketing has been expected to become more segmented and behavioral based marketing.

This is achieved when the targeted audience subscribe to the particular brand.

The business owner will keep on sending advertisement in their mail boxes regarding latest trends, sales and exclusive discount offers.

The right method to achieve success in this is by sending customized mail which will target only the specific customer.

Thus if all the mails send to the customer are relevant and helpful, the business owner will be successful in attracting them to their website.

Viral Content-Marketing: In today’s world another successful method provided by digital marketing is viral content marketing.

Creating relevant content and then making it go viral on the internet will increase the chance of a successful digital marketing method.

The main idea is not just creating a viral content but it is important to deliver the right content to the right customer as well.

Growing Digital Marketing Methods helps to advertise product and services outside all geographical boundaries.

With the increase in internet consumers, the companies and businesses are also moving their advertisement budget from old marketing methods to advanced digital marketing methods.

Thus the use of digital marketing in your business will increase the chances for the survival, growth and success of your business.


This article is written by Clinton Loomis. He is a famous article writer. He completed his Bachelor in English Literaturefrom Public University in Durham, United Kingdom and He is currently works at coursework service in London, United Kingom.