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This is the guest post by Ravi Chahar from Blogging Love.

Does this ring a bell for you? Maybe Facebook blogger is a new term for you which can really strike your mind to start thinking.

This is a simple question but most of the people don’t have an idea about blogging and what’s the contribution of the social media platforms.

Personally, I am a fan of LinkedIn but when I see the Facebook Queen Mari Smith, I somehow feel like I should invest more time on Facebook.

How do you react when you see the sponsored posts with thousands of likes?

Does that make you use Facebook for business? Well, it surely does for me at least. Everyone is different but the matter of making money unites the thoughts.

In the realm of blogging, people prognosticate about being a pro in the upcoming future. Don’t you? But how and why does everyone mention Facebook in that?

What Kind of Facebook User are You?

You may have been using Facebook for many years but have you ever thought about building your business?

I get it, Facebook is a place to pass the time, like and share the funny posts. Well, people have different priorities. What’s yours?

Let me give a few options.

If your answer is any other than the last one, congrats, you’re the lucky winner of wasting your time and ruining your career.

People are making a fortune out of this platform. Now you may be wondering as you don’t have the budget to spend on Facebook ads.

You should know that most of the professional bloggers don’t rely on the Facebook ads. They built their personal brand, meet new people, spread their words, and reach the top.

When the people like Mari Smith and Kim Garst started their journey, they weren’t doing Facebook ads.

Facebook blogger is a person who introduces himself/herself in such a way so that people can only consider him/her as a professional.

Right now, you can see many people using their personal profiles just to share their blog posts.

We all you know that making human bonds always turns out to be lucrative.

I have made many blogging friends who help me every single day.

What Should a Facebook Blogger Do?

After searching for the Facebook famous business personalities, you may be wondering how to be like them.

First of all, you can’t use the strategy of your idols. Come up with something new.

Ryan is there who adds his personal photo in his blog posts and people always respond on Facebook. Adding a personal touch always works.

  • Treat Facebook as a platform to meet your fellow bloggers
  • Engage with their posts
  • Never underestimate the power of thanking someone on Facebook
  • Maintain the consistency
  • Never hold a rant
  • Being rude when someone corrects your mistake can be a fatal on Facebook

Now you will be complaining that nothing is magical about it, everyone knows.

This is what you should have in your mind. There is no magic trick but the hard work to increase the rate of your success.

The Latest Bitter Truth No One Can Deny About

It’s an era where people are dependent on the promotional campaigns.

There are millions of small businesses running on Facebook. And this is because of their advertisements. In 2018, you should be getting ready for some action.

Losen up some money from your wallet and spend on Facebook marketing.

To become an eminent Facebook blogger, you need to be like Jon Bloomer(You can see his ads every now and then).

If you can’t spend, there is an alternative.

  • Focus only on Facebook for a couple of months
  • Share just like the famous pages like CID VS Rajnikanth, Shredded Fitness

Now don’t get me wrong here.

I am talking about the timing, not those funny and fitness girls.

Have you ever tried to share your personal story on Facebook? Experimenting with a social platform always gives you good results.

It’s not only about Facebook, use Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any other you like.

But if you do, do it in an authentic way. I don’t know whether someone else has already introduced or I am the one introducing “Facebook Blogger”.

Still, focus on your strategies and start working.

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