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This is the guest post by Shariq Toor.

Tired of the same old products to promote, using the same old techniques? Well perk up, buttercup – there’s a new head honcho when it comes to digital marketing.

It’s cryptocurrency, and it’s coming for your market share.

Sure, you’re laughing now, but you’ll be singing a different tune before the end of the year. In fact, you might change your mind by the time you finish the rest of this article.

Sit down, strap in, and get ready to learn why, in the wake of a coming digital marketing revolution, cryptocurrency is going to be the one wearing the marketing crown.

A Crypto Crash Course

A digital form of money that lives exclusively on the internet and that isn’t issued by any central or national bank, cryptocurrency has become a household name.

This is in no part due to the wild ride that Bitcoin – the original (and most successful) cryptocurrency – took investors on over the course of 2017.

The little digital tokens that started out so cheap that you needed 10,000 of them to buy a pair of pizzas in 2010 are now so highly valued that, as of this writing, a single Bitcoin was worth more than $13,000.

That’s a lot of pizza, but that’s beside the point – the meteoric rise of Bitcoin has triggered a feeding frenzy. It’s not limited to just Bitcoin, either – new cryptocurrencies emerge every day, hoping to be the next big thing.

In this highly competitive landscape, there are massive opportunities waiting for digital marketers that have the courage – and the insider knowledge – to leverage the cryptocurrency’s popularity as a path to personal and professional success.

The question remains, though: how, exactly, can a savvy digital marketer tap into the growing zeitgeist around cryptocurrencies? The answer is deceptively simple, and it involves understanding the “new normal” for cryptocurrency releases: the initial coin offering.

The ICO is the Way to Go

Named to mimic the more well-known initial public offering (IPO), that fanfare event associated with a private company being listed on the stock exchange, the initial coin offering is an event that, likewise, offers investors to invest in a company.

The difference here, though, is that a company holding an ICO is often using that event to crowdfund the development of an online platform – a platform that’s destined to use the same cryptocurrency token that investors are purchasing.

The truth is that if you don’t want to be left behind, you’re going to need to learn how initial coin offering cryptocurrency tokens work.

Any crash course you take, though, will be complicated by the fact that not each and every ICO token will work in the same way.

Some of these tokens may be speculative, others may be designed to have a specific use within a standalone platform or as a measure of stake in a company, and others still may be designed to a hybrid coin that does double or even triple duty.

Yet whatever a company’s digital platform may be, whatever role their cryptocurrency token is destined to play, and whatever ICO the company chooses to use as a crowdfunding platform, the truth is that ICOs are increasingly popular – and they’re also perfect vehicles for digital marketers.

Whether you’re working in-house to promote a new cryptocurrency ICO or if you’re acting as an independent affiliate looking to drive commission income through referral numbers, the revenue streams are there, ready and waiting.

The Fast and the Furious

In the world of cryptocurrency – and especially in the world of ICOs – those who hesitate are lost. Forget about strategies like SEO and link-building; while these tried-and-true methods are excellent for long-term growth and they certainly have their place, but the explosive growth of cryptocurrency requires digital marketing tactics that are just as energetic.

The truth is that new cryptocurrencies will only flourish if they are adopted in volume. This means the most effective ways to market crypto opportunities like ICOs is to use methods that have the most impact on the largest prospect pools.

One of the best strategies would be to identify and target social media influencers that are passionate, engaging, and likely to be tireless brand ambassadors for a specific new cryptocurrency or ICO.

Doing so practically does your job for you, converting prospects to investors in new crypto projects.

Think this is all just smoke and mirrors? Think again – research says that more than $2.3 billion has been raised by cryptocurrency ICOs to date, with the majority of that activity happening in 2017.

It’s likely that you’ll be hard-pressed to find any other industry – one that is so perfect for digital marketing efforts – that has had such explosive growth over such a short period of time?

The Future Looks Bright

The best part about cryptocurrency is that there are no signs that the push towards digital currencies is going to slow down anytime soon.

The benefits of crypto – its high levels of security and transparency, its natural resistance to hacking and identity theft, and the privacy it affords investors when it comes to financial transactions – means that these digital asset tokens could easily begin replacing fiat currencies in the decades to come.

It won’t all be smooth sailing, of course – there are plenty of issues that will have to be resolved before crypto assets will be as ubiquitous as, say, the US dollar.

No emergent market is going to be free of possible pitfalls or roadblocks, and imagining otherwise is nothing but wishful thinking.

Yet now is the time to become involved. The sheer momentum that has already been amassed means that there are no brakes on the crypto train; some of the ICO-backed cryptocurrencies of today are likely poised to become the Googles and Amazons of tomorrow.

It’s time to ride the coming crypto wave. Digital marketers that become involved in this new and exciting industry now can and will position themselves to become superstars in the future.

Don’t be one of the few left behind, wet and shivering, on the shore.

Shariq Toor is content strategist and outreach expert working with Bitcoin Exchange Guide . He loves discovering the latest trends in technology, social media and business. In his off time, he practices landscape photography and keeps up-to-date with his favourite sports. Follow him at @Shariqtoor.