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This is the guest post by Aurora Smith.

Let’s say, you are a true and honest person that always seem to communicate your message properly when speaking to people.

Does the same happen when you write a blog post?

Do you believe what you are writing and does your readers?

This is important to understand, because being able to be convincing in your writing is crucial for any blogger.

Here are 12 copywriting tips and tricks that will help you write a more convincing blog post.

#1. Create an outline

This is so important if you want your writing to have a good flow. You cannot write well if you jump from point to point. Instead, start with the groundwork first, by creating an outline before you start writing.

Know which facts will flow into the other and if it makes sense to you and would make sense to your readers.

 #2. Get to the point

A good copywriter does not beat around the bush with random facts, but instead get right to the point of the article.

People want to hear the truth and you are going to give it to them.

Do not be afraid to say what you really want to say.

#3. Paragraphs

This may be an obvious point for many good writers, but I see many blog posts that do not have any paragraphs, or only have a few.

You want to make the content visually pleasing and a good way to do that is to break your content up into little chunks.

A block of content should not be enormous, as this defeats the reader before they even get started.

 #4. Translation

Perhaps you believe that all your content is amazing, but sometimes we need to take a more critical look at our work.

I see many translation mistakes, when someone tries to translate information that they read somewhere else. These type of translation errors can have such a negative impact on your content.

Use the best translation tools if you are not completely familiar with a language to save yourself some trouble.

#5. Emotions

You want to come across as a person with emotions, because people connect with other people. Do not try to sound too professional and perfect.

Flaws are accepted and it is acceptable to let your emotions show every now and then.

 #6. Write how you speak

If you want to write engaging content, you have to be relatable to your audience. Write the way you speak in your everyday life.

If you are having a conversation with your friend, do you over think what you want to say?

Do the same with your writing. You do not want to copy someone else’s style and try to sound like them.

Be yourself and see your readers grow.

 #7. Grammar

This is always going to be important for any type of content writer. You can no longer get away with poor grammar, because the competition is fierce out there.

Always use a grammar checker if you are not sure if your writing is on point.

 #8. No false facts

You want your audience to trust the information in your blog post and you cannot achieve that if you are not completely honest.

Research everything you state as a fact on your blog, because it just takes one false fact to kill your content and future content.

#9. Add images

Visual content is becoming very popular and a high-quality picture can make your blog post more appealing to the eye. This is one of the biggest tricks used by bloggers, because there seems to be more of an interest when visual content is added to a blog post.

You should not miss out on this opportunity. You could source the picture from someone else, with their permission, or take some snaps yourself.

#10. Write for them, not you

At the end of the day, you want your audience to be happy with the content you are writing.

Find out what your readers want to hear about and write about that.

This is also a great way to come up with new topic ideas. Your readers will feel like you care about their needs and this is what builds trust.

#11. Take pride

Everything you put out to the world should be of the highest quality. Always take pride in the work you send out, by making sure it is done to the best of your ability.

If that means proofreading and editing your content more than once, then that is what you should do.

There is no rocket science to good content writing, but there is some level of work that goes into it and cannot be ignored.

#12. Let your enjoyment show

Your readers need to feel that you enjoy every bit of your writing and that it is no struggle for you.

This is the type of emotion you want to be associated with your content.

Does your writing feel natural and free flowing or does is feel like watching paint dry?

It is important to communicate a positive message and let your readers enjoy the journey with you.


Be as authentic as you can possibly be as a copywriter and allow your audience to build a relationship with you that is built on trust.

We all want to be accepted and sometimes do not say what we want to, but you will be surprised how many people will share your controversial views.

You can be a great writer, if you allow yourself to be. Put in the hard work and your effort will eventually pay off. Writing is a craft that needs to be worked on and developed through time.

You also should not be too hard on yourself in the beginning, because we all become better with more practice. Write as much as you can every day to practice this skill.

Nothing is beyond you and you can see those high traffic numbers on your blog. Give it your all, sit back and watch the positive results coming your way.