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This is guest post by Nevena from Zeqr.

How do you feel about freelancing?

One of the world’s safest and most recommended cash earning methods sees millions joining online freelancing platforms every single year.

The infographic provided by Zeqr, a knowledge sharing platform, shows some vital information that should encourage you to give it a chance.

In case you haven’t known, the current state sees insane rises of the total number of freelancers living in the United States. In late 2016, Forbes announced that roughly two million people (all of which were eligible for full-time jobs) became freelancers.

Generally speaking, all online or remote jobs do require you to have experience, which means at least one full-time job throughout your career, but as things stand, not even picking up skills requires that anymore!

The reason lies within the browser you’re using to view this blog post. That’s right, the Internet!

Also in this infographic, you’ll find that two-thirds of all freelancers said they willingly made a choice to pursue freelancing opportunities and that they were not doing it because of the need for money.

Most people succeed as freelancers, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!

People freelance because they have more freedom, as well.

Either way, you look at it, freelancing gives you a much better lifestyle, because a majority of freelancers work with little to no stress, and with maximum relaxation.

The thing that encourages the rise of the number of freelancers is being able to work independently – something all young adults want, according to Stephane, Upwork’s CEO.

“The younger part of the workforce is much more likely to be freelancing than the older part.” And it’s so easy to work as a freelancer! You can basically work anywhere on the planet – provided a stable Internet connection is near you.

As far as the financial facts go, freelancers who quit their full-time jobs were often able to earn more money via freelance jobs within a single year.

An average freelancer has a higher wage expectancy, he or she works on entertaining projects, and has complete freedom of movement!

What’s your opinion on one of the hottest trends of this year? Ready to freelance like a king?

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